JK Rowling blasts a Twitter troll who encouraged people to bomb her Edinburgh home.

The Harry Potter author JK Rowling urged social media users to be kind in a tweet she shared with her followers on Friday night. The celebrity said the account responsible for the offensive tweet was still in use.

JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter series, retaliated on Twitter after a disgusting online troll urged people to attack her Edinburgh home.

The controversial author’s home address was released on social media along with an image of a pipe bomb and a how-to guide for manufacturing bombs.

The 56-year-old tweeted the message to her millions of followers, pleading with everyone to “be kind.” The account that initially shared the tweet has been deleted as of Sunday morning.
According to the Daily Record, police have acknowledged looking into the tweet. A spokeswoman stated: “We were informed of a threat made online, and officers are conducting inquiries.”

“Be Kind.” “My family’s address (covered), a pipe bomb, and a photo of a bomb-making instruction manual,” she added. Naturally, the account is still operational.

The disgusting picture depicts an “Improved Munitions Handbook” document and an Army stamp on the bottom. A view of Rowling holding a pipe bomb and a red arrow pointing in the direction of her residence is displayed next to the book.

The author has recently been involved in arguments with trans campaigners. She authored the first book in the Harry Potter series at her previous Edinburgh residence. The author was charged with “trans-exclusionary” behavior. The Gender Recognition Bill, which would make it easier to change a person’s legally recognized gender, is opposed by the speaker.

According to Ms. Rowling, she has already received countless death threats due to her discussions on trans issues. Following the most recent tweet directed at the author, Twitter users immediately defended her.

This is absurd, stated Liz Wills in a tweet. Jo, I’m very sorry. They now appear to have deactivated their account. But the police should be involved in this. Do your duty, @TwitterSupport, and end this brutal misogyny. #IStandWithJKRowling ”

As a transwoman, Tiffani Skylar Rose wrote, “I’m sorry it happened to you, but they don’t speak for all of us.”

I reported it previously, but it’s still up, said user Ajc. Awful for you and your family. Whoever is dealing with this. Who could support this? Stay safe

In a tweet, Ms. Rowling expressed gratitude for the support received.

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