JK Rowling closes road-lane outside £2.2m 17th century Edinburgh mansion to trim 30ft Leylandii-hedge after it was cut-back two years ago over claims it was blocking-street lights.

For at least the third time in recent years, Scottish author J.K. Rowling has closed a road lane in front of her £2.2 million 17th-century property to trim back her enormous hedge, and the operation is likely to last for the next three days.

To allow tree surgeons to attend to her shrubbery, the author of Harry Potter ordered the traffic lane in Edinburgh to be closed today. The 56-year-old billionaire built four-way traffic signals in front of her house, and one lane of the road was blocked off so that more than seven employees could use a massive cherry picker to cut down the 30-foot Leylandii hedge.

Images depict dozens of orange traffic cones positioned in the middle of the street to block oncoming vehicles from a vast blue cherry picker.

Massive hedge towers above the pavement, where a group of people is standing below wearing orange high-visibility vests.

Two were seated and leaning on the author’s wall, taking a break. One couple became upset when they realized they would have to rush to a different bus stop to make their trip on time due to the repairs.

Although they commented on how bothersome the author’s vegetation may be, they were happy to see the hedge being cut.

‘If she’s going to have it cut, she better have it clipped a reasonable way back since it hides the lamppost, and there is no light on this area of the street at night,’ said one guy who wished to remain anonymous. That is not good. Ms. Rowling has had to have her hedge cut back on numerous occasions. 2019, council representatives wrote to the celebrity and requested that she urgently prune the bushes. They claimed that the trees were obstructing the streetlights on lampposts.

The city said: “Street lighting columns have been blocked by greenery overhanging the pathway next to your home.

“Please arrange to have the vegetation trimmed and kept to the line of the back of the footway.

“Please take immediate action as the vegetation obstructs the light from these street lighting columns.”

If the required action has not been taken, “A Statutory notice may be issued in due time.”
A similar project was completed on the highway a year later. The shrub was pruned down to prevent it from obstructing street lights using an 80-foot cherry picker.

Additionally, a witness reported to reporters in 2015 that the construction activity had produced “chaos” and traffic disruptions. Locals stated that work on the hedge caused traffic problems when temporary lights were installed. Because a Tree Preservation Order covers the trees, and the author’s property is in a conservation area, she must get permission. The process of finishing the work may end up taking several days. A council official said today (TUE) that the work this week would go through Friday (July 15). It was said: “An established tree surgeon has been given the authorization to trim hedges. “Additionally approved was an application for a road occupation permit. “It was decided to install temporary traffic lights with four lanes each and a pedestrian facility. “To minimize interruption, it was suggested that the cutting be done over the summer. There is no fee to the Council, and the applicant is responsible for covering all costs associated with the permit evaluation and issuance.

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