JK Rowling continues her transformation into Voldemort.

Reading was one of my favorite things when my kids were little. The Harry Potter series is one of the few books that interest us. The novels had a unique quality in handling many complex topics: loss, change, and the realities of life. I waited for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire outside a Barnes & Noble bookstore till the wee hours of the morning with a large group of other enthusiasts. That evening, I bought two books, scanned mine, and saved the other for my boys.

Get, read, and devour. Discuss. Transmit them. There was a mystical quality to the encounter. Oh my, how the author has worked to turn my happy recollections of times spent with my family into occasions when I wonder how the hell the author, whose novels I enjoyed, became the awful person she is now.
If you haven’t been keeping up, JK Rowling has made her way deeper into the pit over the past few days. She supported Matt Walsh in a series of Tweets, and she now frequently appears in talks that mirror actual internet catastrophes. We need to summarise some of the relevant Tweets to grasp the scope of the issue:
We need to discuss a few things, so I’ve linked all the Tweets above. In reality, Matt Walsh calls himself a fascist. He supports restricting women’s rights and uses strong language to disparage LGBT individuals. Jason Whitlock steps in when JK Rowling expresses support, but not enough.

I’ll now be able to speak from experience as a local of Kansas City. Jason Whitlock was a coworker of mine at the radio station 810 WHB. I met him at a charity event called “The Turkey Bowl” and ran into him several times when I went into the station to check things out. The event is a fantastic way to generate money for a worthwhile cause. Hey, even the worst among us can be good. Whitlock, however, had no issues even at that stage of his career, and he spent all of his time criticizing the core notion that he was losing ground to others or that they had a chance and that women had no business speaking to a sports audience. At the time, it seemed to be primarily jokes, but it turns out that some of us were mistaken.

On the other hand, JK Rowling spends her time forming friendships with people who support causes that go directly against Harry Potter’s message of acceptance and openness at the time.

That is a problem that I have always had. Does the quality of the work change if the creator of it is a nasty person? In many ways, the authors of some of the books I find enjoyable are long since died, so I don’t have to worry about their political views or evil deeds. Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, and JRR Tolkein did not use Twitter to make themselves look foolish. Aside from the fact that I’m not even sure GRR Martin will be alive to finish his book series for as long as I’ve been waiting on Winds of Winter, he might occasionally do something ridiculous. Still, I can’t imagine him engaged in this kind of nonsense.

Already a billionaire, Rowling. There is nothing that can be done to alter that. I cannot erase the fact that those books, films, audiobooks, and fan fiction meant something to my children and me at the time and will always mean something to me. We were unable to foresee the future.

What I can now advise would be to find Harry Potter in a library to support the public library system if you love it, so you aren’t giving her more money, or to think about one of many other fantastic series if you’re a young parent. Like The Broken Earth trilogy, you should consider supporting Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. After witnessing the ministry of magic’s adverse effects firsthand, Harry Potter did nothing. No. While having the chance to fit into the system, Percy, the protagonist, reminded the Greek gods that society needed significant reforms, which was more essential than his own immortality. A nice variation on the characters’ efforts to alter their surroundings.
JK, apologies. I apologize for the damage you are doing to your legacy by giving actors and readers who have appreciated or participated in your works a platform to criticize this point of view.

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