JK Rowling says women making gender critical claims safer after ‘free speech’ tribunal.

The author of the Harry Potter series praises tax expert Maya Forstater, who was fired for saying that people cannot change their biological sex. JK Rowling asserts that after a campaigner won an employment tribunal, every woman who has been “harassed, silenced, or bullied” for holding gender-conservative views is now safer.

The statements were made after Maya Forstater, a tax specialist who is 47 years old and lost her job at a think tank for saying that people cannot change their biological sex, won three further claims in an employment tribunal after appealing.

After tweeting that biological sex couldn’t be changed, Ms. Forstater’s contract at the Centre for Global Development (CGD) was not renewed in March 2019.

The tribunal was informed that she opposed government measures to change the Gender Recognition Act to permit people to identify as the opposite sex and published “inflammatory and offensive” tweets regarding transgender people.

But in a ruling issued on Wednesday, employment judge Andrew Glennie stated that it was clear discrimination against Ms. Forstater’s beliefs to decline to award her a contract or extend a fellowship in response to her tweets.

According to Judge Glennie, her claim that she was victimized after being taken off a company website was “fully grounded.”

A later hearing will decide on remedies and any problems.

However, he rejected Ms. Forstater’s other claims of victimization due to the withdrawal of a consulting offer, direct discrimination based on belief, harassment, and indirect discrimination based on sex and faith.

Following the decision, Ms. Forstater’s attorney, Peter Daly, tweeted that his client’s direct discrimination claims were also alternatively pled as harassment.

As a result, she could not prevail in both proceedings, and the harassment claims were formally dismissed.

The most recent decision follows Ms. Forstater’s successful test case to show that gender-critical ideas are an Equality Act-protected philosophical belief.

She first lost the case in 2019 in an employment tribunal. The tribunal was then asked to review the matter again to determine whether the facts supporting her claim had been established. She did, however, succeed on appeal last year.

JK Rowling, who previously supported Ms. Forstater, tweeted in her favor after the most recent decision.

She said: “Thanks to the warrior that is @MForstater. #SexMatters #IStandWithMaya, every woman who has been harassed, humiliated, bullied, or lost a job because of her gender-critical beliefs is more accessible and safer today.
The author has received criticism for her views on gender inequality numerous times. She organized a luncheon in April for “women who have supported each other” at The River Café in London.

Ms. Forstater, Suzanne Moore, a columnist for The Telegraph, Julie Bindel, a radical feminist and co-founder of Justice for Women, and Allison Bailey, a barrister who is currently suing her chambers for alleged unlawful discrimination because she believes that sex is biological and unchangeable, were also present.

Ms. Forstater, who just started the advocacy group Sex Matters, said in a statement following the decision that her case “matters for everyone who believes in the importance of truth and free expression.”

We are all free to think anything we want, she stated in a statement. We aren’t allowed to force people to share our viewpoints, silence those who disagree with us, or pretend that reality doesn’t exist.

“Humans are unable to change their sex. Saying that is not nasty; on the contrary, it is crucial to maintain all safety and fairness. Saying something shouldn’t require guts, and no one should be fired.

“I’m glad the tribunal permitted me to record what occurred to me at the CGD.

“The tribunal determined that I was the victim of discrimination because I asserted that biological sex is real and significant, a viewpoint held by the overwhelming majority of individuals in this society. I hope employers will pay attention to the ruling.
The fundamental goal of the think tank has “always been to uphold our ideals and maintain a workplace that is inclusive to all,” according to a statement from the Centre for Global Development (CGD) Europe.

The Centre for Global Development’s executive vice president and chief executive, Amanda Glassman, stated: “We are examining today’s ruling, which concluded Ms. Forstater was right on some points and wrong on others.

“Upholding our principles and maintaining a workplace and atmosphere that are friendly, secure, and inclusive to all, including trans persons, has always been CGD’s core goal.

“As we assess our future steps in this matter, CGD remains focused on our mission: decreasing global poverty and inequality via economic research that influences better policy and practice by the top decision-makers in the world.”

A Stonewall representative responded: “This verdict does not affect the reality of the protection of trans individuals at work. It has long been recognized that the law protects philosophical opinions, but this does not allow those who hold them to knowingly violate the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 that it establishes.

Anyone who disagrees with the existence and involvement of trans individuals in society does not have the right to discriminate against or harass them. Transgender people merely want to live their lives as regular people, free from harassment and prejudice at work and in school. There should be respect for their life.

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