Johnny Depp’s former neighbor accuses the actor of ‘spitting in my face.’

Johnny Depp’s former next-door neighbor claims that the actor allegedly “spat in my face” while also “screaming and shouting” in front of them.

This information was found in a previously undiscovered taped deposition taken in November of 2019. It was even played at the trial without raising much of a commotion at the time.

Nevertheless, numerous sharp-eyed witnesses made the rediscovery while going through the trial moments, and among them was one who was Mr. Johnny Depp’s old neighbor.

It is essential to consider that the neighbor, Drew, was married to Ms. Heard’s longtime friend Raquel Pennington and that the two resided in the same penthouse.

According to Yahoo, Drew highlighted the entire confrontation and added, “He walked in, caught eyes with me right away, and bee-lined for me, shouting, cursing, and spitting in my face.” During the altercation, Drew was reportedly the target of the aggressor’s attention.

“As I strolled away from the house relaxedly, I suddenly realized that I had misplaced my keys and my dog. I calmly retraced my steps to return and retrieve them both. He remained with me and continued to follow me while walking, pacing, screaming, and cursing at me while spitting in my face.

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