Now You Can Stay at Harry Potter Airbnb Hagrid’s Hut!

You’re about to achieve your wish if you wished into the Mirror of Erised that parts of Hogwarts were genuine. A wonderful treasure was tucked away in the north Georgia mountains. Thanks to wonderful host Kristi, you may stay in Airbnb’s Hagrid’s Hut home. This new area is filling up fast, so keep reading to find out how you can stay at the beautifully detailed Ground Keeper home.

The Airbnb Hagrid’s Hut Hotel

Chickamauga, Georgia, has long been known as the location of significant battles in American history. Still, the little city is now on the map for something more fun. Although Harry Potter-themed Airbnbs are not new to the Potter fandom, most of these spaces and hotel rooms are decorated like Hogwarts Castle, the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, or Diagon Alley, the wizarding shopping mall. The dedication to J.K. Rowling’s Hogwarts Gamekeeper, Rubeus Hagrid, sets this area apart.

While there is no Hippogriff napping in the pumpkin patch outside, there is an exact recreation of the stone walls, rustic wooden front door, and fire bowl a few meters away from the warm cottage residence for Harry Potter fans.
“Take a stroll around the property, explore the barn, visit the magical barnyard creatures, listen to the frog’s sing, and watch the fireflies light up the night!” suggests the host. The hut is on a 40-acre private property with ample parking and walking areas. There are many excellent restaurants nearby, with delivery available, and the city life and attractions of Chattanooga, TN, are just a short drive away… We’re not close to the public; muggle transportation so that you can hire a cab.”

Bring three buddies for your four-person accommodation on Hogwarts’ outskirts. The one-room interior of the wizarding world features one king-size bed and one sleeper sofa. The magical gamekeeper himself inspired Hagrid’s Hut, which even features a full restroom for your use. Tony elements like an illuminated broom dangle from the ceiling everywhere. Hagrid’s cloak hangs on a neighboring post’s hook.

The Hagrid Hut hotel has also featured on the Potterville Facebook fan page, with up-close and intimate images of the inside decor. Watch a Harry Potter film on the current flat-screen television, look for hints regarding Hagrid’s whereabouts, or peruse the many-layered shelves for bargains. Wi-Fi will not be interrupted your dragon-raising.

You may work your pensive of a brain on a scavenger hunt in the cottage. Can you find everything?

The Hut of Hagrid Airbnb is filling up rapidly, so schedule a weekend getaway by calling the lodging service. A few days had available in the fall of 2022, but the hotel residence was fully booked until the beginning of 2023. The cost each night is roughly $158, and pets are not permitted.

About Airbnb Hagrid’s Hut

Stay at Fable Realm Farms in our favorite Gamekeeper’s Hut! The Keeper of Keys’ Hut is located on our 40-acre private property. Outside of this beautiful stone spot just down the hill from The Burrow and near Fairytale Cottage. Try your hand at the scavenger hunt, relax by the fire (giant-sized cauldron), and watch the birds enjoy the pond. Visit nearby Lookout Mountain, Chickamauga, or Chattanooga, or relax and enjoy a cold Butterbeer while watching Harry Potter documentaries! Our newest addition to our beautiful realm is the space.

This location, which is located on our 40-acre property, has been meticulously curated to replicate the hut. Where Hagrid and Fang live on the Hogwarts grounds! Take a walk through the forbidden forest and visit the goats and miniature horses that live nearby to enjoy the scavenger hunt and movie. You may not want to leave after such a delightful stay, but there are plenty more exciting sites to see nearby and fantastic places to eat and shop in Chickamauga, GA.

Would you book this Airbnb Hagrid’s Hut for your future trip to Georgia? Please tell us what your favorite element of this hotel room is in the comments section below!

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