Rupert Grint’s one-year-old daughter is a big fan of Harry Potter!

Rupert Grint claimed that his daughter had requested a Harry Potter wand after introducing her to the magical world.

Wednesday A Harry Potter fan, his daughter, G. Grint, is Rupert Grint’s daughter, and the actor has admitted to having introduced her to the magical world.

His one-year-old daughter has a wand, too, according to the star of In the White.
The 33-year-old actor talked about sharing Hogwart’s knowledge with her daughter on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show.

Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films, revealed, “I’ve already started showing her the teasers.

She has a PEZ dispenser with my face on it and a wand,” he remarked.
While filming his psychological horror series Servant, the actor claimed that his daughter picked up a profane term from him.

“For so long, infants just didn’t do anything,” the new dad added, “now she’s kind of talking and doing stuff.” She’s letting her emotions out. She calls out, ‘Dada.’ ” ‘Mama,’ she responds. Everything seemed to be happening at once. In addition, “the(expletive) arrived pretty rapidly,” Rupert remarked.

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