Sandra Bullock advises Marvel to “f*cking cast” Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine.

Daniel Radcliffe has been doing his best to put out the fires surrounding the ongoing Wolverine conjecture hounding him for years. Still, he couldn’t have guessed that Sandra Bullock would publicly endorse the concept.

The Lost City couple has been making the rounds in the press for a while, and the former Harry Potter star has been constantly questioned about the mutton-chopped monster. Despite his best efforts to dismiss it as wishful thinking, he now has one high-profile backer.
Bullock was asked why it hasn’t happened yet in an interview with It’s Gone Viral, and she questioned why it hadn’t happened yet. “No one’s asking me in reality, Sandra,” Radcliffe said, “it’s just like Twitter speculation,” to which the Academy Award-winning A-lister made her pitch to Marvel Studios.
“Can you just f*cking cast him, Wolverine people?” Just go for it. Stop squeezing in between questions at press junkets. “Simply cast the man.”
Wolverine will inevitably make his official Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Still, if those Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Deadpool 3 rumors are true, someone other than Hugh Jackman will be donning the claws.


Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine might have seemed crazy a few years ago, but a quick look at social media shows that he has a lot of fans, and we can now add Sandra Bullock to that list.

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