Tanya Plibersek says sorry to Peter Dutton for the stinging insult.

Tanya Plibersek, a Labor MP, has apologized for comparing Coalition leadership candidate Peter Dutton to a Harry Potter villain.

Tanya Plibersek, a senior Labor Party member, apologized for comparing Liberal leadership candidate Peter Dutton to a Harry Potter monster.

In live radio broadcast on Wednesday night, Ms. Plibersek said Mr. Dutton looks “a bit like Voldemort” – the feared villain from the Harry Potter series.

They’re both bald and tall.

“I think many children who have seen a lot of Harry Potter films would be quite scared of what they see on TV at night,” Ms. Plibersek told Brisbane radio 4BC.

Ms. Plibersek didn’t hold back when asked what she was referring to.

“I’m saying he looks a little like Voldemort,” she responded, “and we’ll see if he can do what he promised he’d do when he was the last campaigning for leader, grin more.”

On Thursday morning, it was a widely reported that Ms. Plibersek had apologized to the guy expected to become the new opposition leader.

Ms. Plibersek’s proposal was “not acceptable,” according to new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

Mr. Albanese stated, “I believe that we ought to treat one other with respect in politics.”

“Tanya understands, which is why she apologized, and I’m sure Peter Dutton accepted it so that we can move on.”

Many on the internet beat Ms. Plibersek to the Voldemort connection, who have been exploiting the apparent resemblance for years to communicate their disapproval of Mr. Dutton’s ideas.

Following harsh criticism from the WA Premier, who labeled Mr. Dutton an “extremist” and “not that smart,” the front cover of the West Australian newspaper featured a cartoon of Mark McGowan as Harry Potter and Peter Dutton as Voldemort.

“Mark McGowan And The Not That Smart Absolutely Crazy Extremist” was the headline splash on the page.

Following her statements, 4BC host Scott Emerson pressed Ms. Plibersek on whether she wanted to attack her political opponent based on his appearance, causing Ms. Plibersek to retract her statement.

“I’m simply saying he’s not the Liberal Party’s warm and pleasant face,” she added. “If this election taught us anything, the Liberal Party has pushed too far to the extremities of politics.”

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