The 10 Most Annoying Things the Harry Potter Trio Has Ever Done

The main characters and heroes in the Harry Potter series are Harry, Ron, and Hermione. For their distinct personalities, these three pals have a lot of fans. The Golden Trio’s top ten most irritating actions in Harry Potter are listed below.

Ron’s Treatment Of Hermione And Many Other Girls

One of Ron’s significant flaws was his treatment of the girls he was interested in. He was often rude to Hermione, and he would lash out at her when he was jealous. He also mistreated Lavender Brown during their relationship and lacked the courage to end it.

How They Treated Neville

Although Neville was awkward as a child, he was always kind and liked the trio. They mostly ignored him, even if they weren’t mean to him, but it was annoying to read about when they left him behind, and Hermione cursed him in their first year.

The Countless Times They Disobeyed School Rules, Costing Their House (or Gaining) Points

It would have been highly inconvenient to attend Hogwarts with Hermione, Harry, and Ron. Seeing these three loose house points over and over as they got into trouble must have been frustrating for Gryffindor house members.

Hermione’s Approach to Creating S.P.E.W.

Hermione had good intentions when she created S.P.E.W. There’s no denying that house-elves are mistreated in the wizarding world, so it’s easy to understand her viewpoint.

When they weren’t always friendly or open to other students at Hogwarts

The trio was undeniably close, but they were not particularly aware of their surroundings. They tended to be self-absorbed and inwardly focused.

The Way They Frequently Fought Each Other, Especially Ron And Hermione

While it’s natural not to always get along with your friends, this got out of hand at times. This is especially true of Ron and Hermione’s behavior throughout the series, as they were constantly bickering.

When Ron and Harry Were Horrible Yule Ball Dates

During their time at Hogwarts, Harry and Ron were far from mature individuals. While being teenagers excuses some of this, it does not excuse their treatment of young women.

The Fact That They Didn’t Always Get Along

While the Golden Trio is now widely regarded as excellent friends and even friendship goals, this was not always the case. They were pretty bad to each other at times. Many examples include Ron’s refusal to believe Harr about the Triwizard Tournament and Harry’s emotional outburst toward Ron and Hermione during their fifth year. Their personalities are bound to clash at times, resulting in annoyance.

Often Expecting Special Treatment

Given that the trio, particularly Harry, had spent so much time fighting Voldemort and his followers, it’s understandable that they needed a break now and then. They did, however, have occasions when they expected special treatment. They believed they could break the rules and get away with it. While their rule-breaking was sometimes justified, it was often just irritating.

When they arrived at the Ministry of Magic without receiving assistance

While Ron and Hermione attempted to reason with him, they went along with the situation. This was just one instance of the trio acting rashly and causing a slew of problems at the time of their inexperience.

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