The ex-girlfriend of Johnny Depp reveals the truth about his relationship with the actor.

Jennifer Grey ex-fiancée of Johnny Depp has opened up about their relationship during their lengthy engagement.

She had an opinion on everything in her latest book, Out of the Corner.

In it, she began by branding Johnny Depp a ‘breath of fresh air and stated, “We ate, spoke, drank,” at times “laughed our [expletive] off, had smoke breaks midcourse.”

His looks were out of this world. She even went as far as to the add that she’s shockingly candid, witty, eccentric, and endearing.”

Lulu, a Pekingese-poodle mix, served as “our practice baby and someone to keep me company when Johnny was out of town,” according to the couple at one point.

At the time, “Johnny was commuting every week back and forth from Vancouver.”

However, mid-way through their relationship, Grey started experiencing changes and said that the actor “had begun more and more routinely to be getting into trouble: [getting into] fights in bars, clashes with cops.”

“He’d started missing his flights home to LA having overslept, or when he did arrive home, he’d be crazily jealous and anxious about what I’d been up to while he was gone.”

“I attributed his nasty mood and discontent to feeling sad and powerless to get off [the TV series] 21 Jump Street.”

In the end, Grey decided to call it quits after Depp disappeared for a meeting and never returned, which Grey attributes to a “self-imposed streak of impetuous, destructive decision-making.”

Shortly after that, Depp had a different whirlwind romance with Winona Ryder.

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