The Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe expresses his dissatisfaction at hearing people’s thoughts on Will Smith’s Slap Oscar

During an interview on a UK morning show to promote “The Lost City” on Thursday, Radcliffe declined to comment on the event.

On Thursday morning, when Daniel Radcliffe went on a UK morning show to promote his new picture “The Lost City,” he declined to comment on The Slap.

“I’m just so weary of hearing people’s thoughts on it that I just don’t want to be another viewpoint adding to it,” he told Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on “Good Morning Britain” regarding the Oscars altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock on Sunday night.

He does, however, recall what it was like to sit through award shows where the host made jokes about him. “When you’re a youngster, you’re never quite sure if the joke is on you or if you’re the punchline,” Radcliffe explained. “So you’re just like, ‘I’ll just keep smiling and laughing, and maybe it’ll finish soon,'” she says.

When asked if he texted his Harry Potter co-star Kenneth Branagh when he won his first Academic Award (for best original screenplay) last weekend, Radcliffe said he didn’t have his number.

Radcliffe also talked about filming “The Lost City” with Channing Tatum and Sandra Bullock in the Dominican Republic, adding that Tatum is “the world’s kindest man.” Even when Radcliffe spent his first-day on-site filming on a boat in stormy waters, he lent help. “I guess they were scared about me going over the edge on my first day, so Channing was on that boat as well, sort of doing stunt safety for me like grasping my leg at some point, which you don’t see in the movie.”

In addition to dealing with boats, Radcliffe stated that the filming was quite hot. “I was quite sweaty, and it was a challenge to prevent from looking completely saturated the entire time,” he explained. “However, compared to Channing, Sandra, and the rest of the team, I had it simpler.” They spent extended weeks in the jungle, and I was only coming in two or three times a week.”

Radcliffe was also quizzed about the rumor that he might be replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine by Reid and Shephard. “I keep getting questioned about it, and I constantly try to say, ‘No, that’s not going to happen; it’s just a Twitter rumor,'” she says. And everyone continues to take this as confirmation. But for the time being, it’s only a rumor. However, I appreciate the analogy. Who would n’t want to be compared to Hugh Jackman, right?”

When asked if he would accept the job if it were offered to him, Radcliffe replied, “I mean, I’d never says never, but that almost seems like I’m inviting it.” I’m sure Marvel is looking at me, thinking, ‘We’re not thinking about you, dude.’

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