The Harry Potter star Rupert Grint’s fortune bought his ‘dream car’, which almost killed him

In Harry Potter movies, Rupert Grint played Ron Weasley. He made millions while playing the role and spent his pay in creative and dangerous ways.
Today is Rupert Grint’s 34th birthday. He is the fifth wealthiest actor in the Harry Potter films, with a staggering fortune of $50 million (£42 million). At 11, the actor began working on the Harry Potter film series. Which eventually led to purchasing his first car. But it’s a far cry from the high-end rides other actors are known for.
When Grint, then 11 years old, unexpectedly discovered that he had been cast in the Harry Potter film series, he had already developed an interest in acting through school plays and his local theatre company.

The young man was already making millions of dollars from his significant role in the Golden Trio, including Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe before he had even finished high school.

Grint soon discovered that he was spending his expanding wealth to support his vehicle compulsion, as would happen to any adolescent with a lot of extra money.

In 2010, The last Harry Potter movie had released, and the 22-year-old made an appearance on Top Gear simultaneously.

He mentioned his fleet to Jeremy Clarkson, saying it consisted of a hovercraft, a pink ice cream truck, and an orange Range Rover.
Grint acknowledged that the ice cream truck, in particular, attracted some unwelcome attention because people would frequently start lining up eagerly as soon as he pulled up.

“I’ve always wanted it; as a kid, it was kind of the fantasy,” he added.

“With only one seat and the appearance of a kitchen on wheels, it’s not the most practical car.

People do line up along the side of the road.

Although Grint’s bright orange Range Rover may be his most well-known acquisition. He admitted he’d “struck a few things” while piloting the hovercraft.
After a mishap, Grint avoided his hovercraft for a while, according to a 2021 Metro report.

The last time I was out, I crashed it badly because it’s impossible, he added.

“It’s deadly. It almost took my life.

Hovercrafts are famously challenging to handle; driving is like piloting a helicopter. That, however, is not a comment on the star’s driving abilities.

Grint, who appeared on Top Gear in 2010, found his driving quite the contrary, breaking Peter Jones’ record by 0.4 seconds.
Grint acknowledged his sudden, enormous fame and wealth overwhelmed him, saying, “I simply did not know what to do.”

He continued, saying that the pressure of being a child actor was increased by “the duty” he felt toward the readers of the novels.

Since the cast and crew would reunite yearly for more than ten years to make the next movie, the actor remembered the sets as being “like Groundhog Day.”

Grint reportedly considered a future in the cold treats industry and drove his ice cream van to and from the location on the penultimate day of filming the final movie.

He was worried about being typecast because he had only played one character in his acting career.

The actor recounted his spending increased when the Harry Potter movies were over, saying he “spent money on absurd stuff” in a 2016 interview with Yahoo Movies.

The actor referred to that time in his life as “my Michael Jackson era” and described himself as “a five-year-old.”

He made two more odd purchases: a “paddleboat in the shape of a swan” and a boutique hotel in Hertford.

He had opened the hotel in 2011, but it had closed after earning only about £2,000 in four years.

Grint is currently the fifth wealthiest cast member, behind Daniel Radcliffe, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Watson, and Robert Pattinson.

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