The House Elf Dobby’s Grave Could Soon Be Removed

The death of Dobby, the famous house-elf, was a watershed moment for many young people who grew up reading and watching Harry Potter novels and films, but fans may have to say goodbye all over again if his grave is removed soon.

Dobby became a free elf after receiving the priceless gift of a sock in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He proved to be a devoted friend to Harry. And he continued his war against Voldemort over the next few years.

He died tragically in Part I of The Deathly Hallows and was buried with the inscription “Here sleeps Dobby, a free elf.”
Dobby has, of course, a fictional figure buried beneath the sand near Shell Cottage in Cornwall. Still, fans couldn’t help themselves from making their cemetery above Freshwater West beach in Pembrokeshire, where Dobby’s burial has filmed.

Many of the rocks and pebbles left by fans has inscribed with the exact phrases as his original headstone. While others read “RIP Dobby.”

Fans have also left socks at the location in honor of Dobby’s release. Still, the National Trust Wales has questioned whether the grave will remove. Because the beach’s growing popularity has put “extra pressure on the environment and amenities.”

The National Trust asked respondents to give opinions on the grave of Dobby. And relocated to an “appropriate publicly accessible place off-site” in a survey linked to the “future sustainable management” of Freshwater West.

If the existing homage is demolished, Victoria MacLean, a Harry Potter fan from Neath, told BBC Radio Wales Breakfast that fans would build another one.

“Leaving a new sock is great,” she said, “but that sock has probably coated in all sorts after a while. And I can understand the socks.”

But the pebbles, some people have gone to great pains to paint. Some of those stones as a memorial to one of their favorite characters, and it is very stunning to watch.

“If the internment has erased, I suppose the fans just made it again. There are millions of them, after all.”

“Something that will please the fans while also keeping the beach looking lovely because it is a wonderful beach.”

The poll will be open until May 31 to allow public members to express their views. Respondents have given options ranging from “strongly support” to “absolutely oppose.” And the opportunity to add any further comments.

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