The Story Behind the Villains of Hogwarts Legacy is Finally Explained

Hogwarts Legacy, Avalanche Studios’ upcoming open world action RPG, received new information in the latest PlayStation State of Play. Even though the game won’t be released until the holiday season, the presentation showcased a lot of new gameplay and provided some plot insights.

We learned the first details about Hogwarts Legacy’s villains — one is an entirely new character to the wizarding world. At the same time, the other may be related to another wizard mentioned in the original series.

Who is Ranrok?

During the 20-minute presentation, we learned that one of your wizard’s or witches’ responsibilities would be to puts down a rebellion led by a Goblin named Ragnarok. This would not be the first time that something like this occurred in the Wizarding World. According to the Harry Potter Wiki, three goblin rebellions happened before the events of Hogwarts Legacy, the first of which occurred in 1612.

The relationship between goblins and wizards/witches is strained, with the treatment of goblins by wizardkind serving as the primary catalyst for these rebellions. Many wizards see Goblins as inferior to wizardkind in the Harry Potter franchise, and they are subjected to bigotry and segregation. A law prohibiting goblins from wielding wands is one such example.

Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Images

Avalanche Studios’ Community Manager, Chandler Wood, writes in a lengthy PlayStation Blog on Hogwarts Legacy that Ranrok’s hate of wizards skews his “worldview.” According to Avalanche Narrative Lead Moira Squier, Ragnarok has “seen a spark of magic that wizardkind fought to hide – even from themselves,” and he wants that power in particular.

We can observe goblins in Hogwarts Legacy using magic in the game throughout the gaming presentation. We even see Ranrok using magic without a wand at one point, even though goblins may use magic without one.

Victor Rookwood’s Potential Relationships

The second villain introduced in the Hogwarts Legacy State of Play is Victor Rookwood. In Hogwarts Legacy, Rookwood leads a group of dark wizards who forge an uneasy alliance with Ragnarok.

Based on his surname, Victor Rookwood could be related to another magician named Augustus Rookwood. Augustus is a dark wizard who was a Death Eater and a loyal disciple of Lord Voldermort. Rookwood operated as a double agent for Voldermort while employed at the Department of Mysteries, according to Igor Karkaroff in the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire, before being arrested and imprisoned in the Azkaban. Although Avalanche Softwares have yet to confirm or refute this connection, it is noteworthy to note that they both have the same last name and have been linked to dark magic wizards and witches.

While much about Hogwarts Legacy is still unclear, particularly in the plot, Avalanche Software has a lot to work with. According to the Harry Potter timeline, the 1800s are primarily unexplored in books and films. The Fantastic Beasts films are set in 1920s, while Harry Potter’s adventures are in the 1990s. Hence, most of the Harry Potter timeline events occur in the 1900s. It’ll be interesting to seeing how much of the existing universe, both in mythology and storyline, finds its way into Hogwarts Legacy, exceptionally insignificant events like the first and second wizarding wars.

That’s all we know about the antagonists in Hogwarts Legacy for now, but we’re sure to learn more before the film’s release this Christmas season. The game’s connection to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, well-known for her transphobic remarks in recent years, has sparked debate ahead of its recent release. The author is not directly engaged with the game, but “she is entitled to express her personal view,” according to the company’s leadership. According to reports, the game would allow players to design transgender characters.

That wasn’t verified in the most recent State of Play. Still, we did learn fresh Hogwarts Legacy gameplay and plot elements, as well as confirmation that Hogwart’s Legacy will be coming to the Nintendo Switch, in addition to the villain disclosures.

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