Tom Felton reunites with ‘Harry Potter’s dad Jason Isaacs in London: See the Malfoy family reunion.

The Malfoys are together once more! Following one of Tom Felton’s final performances in the play “2:22 A Ghost Story” on London’s West End, Jason Isaacs and Felton—who on-screen father-son combo Lucius and Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series—reunited.

On Instagram, Isaacs shared a couple of photos of their reunion and gushed over Felton’s skills in the comments.
He added, “So proud and, alongside the crowd, thrilled to witness my child owning the stage today, breaking hearts and filling pants.” I feel proud if I take the trash out on the right day (which doesn’t happen frequently), but he’s also recording music and has a book coming out.

“I’d hate him-if I didn’t love him,” he added, attaching the hashtags #WayBeyondTheWandNow and #MalfoyManner, to the post.

Felton also posted a picture of himself with his former co-star with the message, “My father heard about this, play I was in @222aghoststory” (obviously alluding to his character’s recurring line in the films and novels) (variations on the phrase, “My father will hear about this”).
The pair’s reunion delighted “Harry Potter” fans, who showered the remarks with encouragement.

Since the 2011 release of the series’ last movie, the two seem to have remained close. To wish Isaacs a happy birthday, Felton tweeted a vintage photo of them acting out their parts in June. He hoped his father a happy birthday in the post’s caption.

In the “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts” special, published in January, the pair also spoke about their time spent working together on the “Harry Potter” movies.

Tom Felton paused before saying, “In actuality, working with Jason was not always a delight… just immediately changed into the most unpleasant, awful person I’ve ever encountered [when he got into character],” in a clip, he posted on Instagram at the time.

Isaacs recalled, “I remember grabbing him and trying to be the worst person I could be and watching his small face continually seeking my acceptance.

Felton said, “He’d be this awful parent, then when they’d say stop, he’d come and cradle you and ask, ‘Did I smack you too hard?'”

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