Tom Felton told not to answer questions about JK Rowling at the Harry Potter event

In the interview, a voice can be heard stating, “Next question, please.” Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, was asked about JK Rowling at a recent Harry Potter event, but a publicist stepped in to stop the subject.

The acclaimed author of the Harry Potter book series, Rowling, has recently been embroiled in the debate regarding her opinions on transgender individuals.

During the interview, which was conducted to advertise a new attraction at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, Sky News’ correspondent was silenced, as seen in a video published on social media.

Claire Gregory of Sky questioned: “You and the other movie actors are still very much the franchise’s face. JK now clearly occupies a less prominent position. Is it odd that she won’t be present for events like this?

“Next question, please,” is then heard coming from off-camera. His representatives clarified that the PR engaged was not from Tom’s staff.
When Sky asked why their question had been denied, the following response was given, according to The Telegraph: “JK Rowling is not related to Warner or Tom Felton. The group decided it wasn’t crucial to the piece.
The Independent has approached Felton’s agents for comment.

The author of Harry Potter had come under heavy fire recently for her public remarks, which started in June 2020 when she denounced the gender-inclusive term “those who menstruate.”

After sharing a pro-LGBT+ message in honor of Pride month, Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play’s New York City and San Francisco accounts recently received negative feedback. The story was criticized for being hypocritical because of Rowling’s beliefs.

In response to claims of transphobia, Rowling has frequently denied them and stated that she “knows and loves” trans people.

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