Tom Riddle come up with the name Voldemort for Harry Potter

Lord Voldemort has always been Harry Potter’s most fearsome adversary. But how did Tom Riddle become Voldemort, the demon he is today?

The Harry Potter brand has grown into a rich tapestry of lore with a centuries-long past. The primary tale took place in the 1990s and followed Harry and his companions as they fought Voldemort, but even more, happenings were leading up to Harry’s first day at Hogwarts. While there is plenty of backstory between Harry’s parents and complicated characters like Severus Snape, there is also a horrible backstory with Voldemort and how he grew from a youngster named Tom Riddle to the dark wizard of nightmares.

Merope Gaunt, Tom’s mother, fell in love with Tom Riddle and allegedly used either a love potion or the Imperius Curse to entice him to love her. They had a kid together, Tom Riddle Jr., and Marope used her spell on her husband before he was born, thinking he would still love her. Instead, he quickly bolted, breaking her heart. Tom Jr. was eventually reached, and his mother died in delivery, leaving him at Wool’s Orphanage. He was ultimately discovered by Dumbledore and admitted to Hogwarts, where he pretended to be a good student but desired power. As he prepared to kill his father and the entire Riddle bloodline, his longing developed into wrath and passion.

Riddle discovered how to split his soul and achieve immortality from Horace Slughorn once he was free of his Muggle shackles. Riddle resumed his study of dark magic after creating seven Horcruxes and assumed the name, Lord Voldemort. His name was derived from French origins that loosely translated as “flight of death” or “steal of death,” which precisely represented his yearning for immortality and the removal of death from the equation. On the other hand, the name’s roots are cobbled together through the franchise’s events and behind-the-scenes descriptions.

It is revealed to Harry in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets that “I Am Lord Voldemort” is an anagram for Tom Marvolo Riddle. In essence, Tom appeared to be so shamed by his family name that it seemed easier to start over and create a legacy he could be proud of. Even though his deeds stripped him of his appearance and humanity, Voldemort didn’t seem to mind because he could finally live the life he wanted and vent his fury on anybody who stood in his way.

Voldemort detested Muggles and everyone who supported them for his whole life, so he chose the Riddle name to establish his now-famous persona. He would be able to twist his lineage and establish an identity using his family name, and it was feared that the Riddle name would perish because no one was alive to keep it alive. To him, there was no better way to obliterate a part of himself that he was ashamed of than to deprive its name of power. Ironically, most of the Wizarding World treated Voldemort as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named,” expecting that they would unwittingly strip him of his power by ignoring his true identity.

Unfortunately, the Riddle name and legacy had to die to give Lord Voldemort life. Tom Riddle had to fend for himself his entire life, and make matters worse; his family name had a horrible background that acted as the fuel that kept his fury burning. On the other hand, Voldemort was unconcerned about this as he attempted to forge a new identity devoid of humanity and hope.

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