Tour the enormous new Harry Potter store in Manhattan.

The Harry Potter store in New York opened on Thursday with a few COVID safety rules to guarantee that everyone can securely enter. During a recent press day, a select few were allowed to roam the store and see and do everything that fans would be able to see and do.

Most avid Harry Potter fans know that some things can only be experienced at one of the Universal Studios theme parks, such as picking the perfect wand or having a fresh Butterbeer poured right from the tap. These parts of the parks make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the real Wizarding World, and they’re challenging to duplicate elsewhere. After spending few hours in the new New York location, I can confidently state that a visit will feel like a taste of the parks.

The public can now visit Harry Potter NYC at 935 Broadway. Rather than having everyone rush into the new space simultaneously, crowds will be managed by a virtual queue. Those who arrive after the store has opened will be asked to scan a barcode, which will offer them a period to come and tour the store.

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