Warner Bros. Discovery executive will soon meet with Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling to develop new content.

Following the multimedia company’s merger with Discovery earlier this year, Warner Bros.’s future is at an exciting crossroads. While Warner Bros. Discovery has only been in operation for a few months, much has been written about the company’s decisions, notably about its CEO and President, David Zaslav. A new part from The Wall Street Journal sheds light on Zaslav’s new approach for WBD’s upcoming films, and it contains an intriguing nugget about the Harry Potter franchise’s future. According to the article, Zaslav wants to develop “new” Potter content for HBO Max, and he plans to meet with the series creator J.K. Rowling in the coming weeks to talk about it.

This tidbit of the information is likely to pique fans’ interest, particularly those hoping to see the series expand or tell new stories. The Wizarding World installments released after the Potter films primarily consisted of three Fantastic Beasts films, with the most recent release of the Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore opening to a franchise-low of only $43 million at the domestic box office, and the final two films of the series reportedly not yet set in stone.

While there have been some additional tie-in components to the broader franchise, including some non-scripted programming and an upcoming video game, the overall Potter brand has ebbed and flowed, especially since Rowling made headlines for a string of anti-trans statements. Still, there’s a lot of interest in what the greater Potter universe has to offer, as evidenced by the immense internet success of the fanfic All the Young Dudes, which imagines Harry’s parents and mentors’ origin story.

Former Warners CEO Ann Sarnoff remarked late last year, “We would love to make more original Harry Potter series, and we often chat to JK Rowling and her crew.” “But it has to be accurate. Whatever we do must be authentic to the canon, the ethos of the Wizarding World, and the character of Harry Potter.”
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