Why Are Some Netizens Asking People not to Purchase The New Harry Potter Game?

Since the transphobic remarks and opinions of the Harry Potter series’ writer, JK Rowling, were made public, the books have come under intense criticism and examination. When Rowling expressed her opinions on social media in 2020 about the planned changes to the UK’s gender recognition rules. Many people were shocked and incredulous that such a cultural icon could harbour such backwards ideas.

She later clarified, among other things, that “when you throw open the doors of toilets. And changing rooms to any male who believes or feels he’s a woman. Then you open the door to any men who choose to come inside.” That did not exactly make things better.

In a statement, the LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD criticised Rowling’s remarks, saying, “Her uninformed and harmful diatribe about transgender people flies in the face of medical and psychological professionals and devalues trans people’s stories of their own lives.”

Soon after, prominent performers opposed Rowling’s ideas and expressed support for the transgender community, including Daniel Radcliffe, who played a lead role in the Harry Potter films, and Eddie Redmayne, who is starring in a spin-off HP series.

The upcoming game Hogwarts Legacy, which takes place in the Harry Potter universe’s past and allows players to experience a world before Harry Potter, is currently the target of a boycott attempt.

Boycott the Harry Potter game

Several LGBT individuals, members of the transgender community, and advocates of trans people have publicly called for a boycott of the upcoming video game Hogwarts Legacy.

To support the transgender community and protest Rowling’s transphobic ideas. Several people spoke out against the game and urged people not to buy it.

They think that the only way to express any outrage and that Rowling’s transphobic ideas won’t be accepted is to have a financial impact on the sales of HP products.

People call for a boycott of the game due to its premise rather than just transphobia. A goblin insurrection is what the game is all about, which has irritated a lot of people.
Some have observed goblins being racially coded for quite some time. Prohibited from wands in the universe under the Ministry of Magic’s supervision. And generally categorised and assessed by the other magic users. Some folks are concerned. That the game requires players to put down a goblin rebellion and eliminate a goblin named Ranrok. One of the few who can use magic without a wand.
Even with a lot of support, there were just as many people. Who didn’t fully get the boycott and were in favour of the game.

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