Did Captain Find that Ted Stole his Pineapple? Here’s Everything we know!

Sophie’s tale in How I Met Your Father begins in 2022, 9 years after the events of HIMYM. HIMYM’s two-part finale, on the other hand, had multiple flash-forwards that revealed what occurred to Ted, Robin, Marshall, Lily, and Barney between the years 2013 and 2030. As a result, How I Met Your Father viewers are already aware that Barney and Robin divorced in 2016, that Barney had a daughter in 2020, that Marshall became a justice of the New York Supreme Court, that Ted’s wife Tracy died in 2024, that Lily and Marshall had another child after Daisy, and that Ted and Robin will remarry in 2030. Even though so much of the HIMYM characters’ futures have already been revealed, How I Met Your Father continues to fill in the blanks for things left out of the original show’s finale, including the fact captain is still utterly oblivious of the fact that Ted stole his pineapple.

How I Met Your Father season 1 explains the show’s most perplexing plot point, which was revealed to be one of the best scenes from How I Met Your Mother season 9 that was cut from the show. The mystery of the Pineapple Incident was solved by a cut scene in which Ted went to The Captain’s house and noticed that he had a pineapple on his porch. MacLachlan’s character elaborated that it was an old maritime practice to display a pineapple in this manner. Ted then went back to his own house. The Captain went on to say that in 2005, somebody had taken a pineapple off his porch in New York City and took it without his knowledge.

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After hearing this, Ted gets a flashback of the drunken night when the pineapple wound up on his nightstand, indicating that he had unintentionally stolen it from The Captain. The pineapple was on Ted’s nightstand because The Captain had given it to him. In the television show How I Met Your Father after Becky admits that she dislikes boats, The Captain says that he hasn’t been this unhappy since “someone” stole the pineapple from his porch in 2005. Becky’s admission prompted The Captain to make this remark. This line provides further evidence that The Captain is unaware that Ted was the one who took his pineapple in the first season of How I Met Your Mother.

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