Sid and Sophie from How I Met Your Father Are Next Barney and Robin?

How I Met Your Father is a spin-off series of How I Met Your Mother, consisting of 10 episodes. In this, like its parent series, the protagonist, Sophie, played by Hilary Duff, tells her son the story of how she met his father. There are many storylines in this budding show. Sid is introduced in one of them. We can’t help but wonder but could Sid and Sophie be the next Barney and Robin of How I Met Your Father.

Sophie, Sid, Hannah, Jesse in How I Met Your Father

Sophie and her close-knit group of friends are discovering who they are as individuals, what they want out of life, and how to fall in love in this day and age of dating apps and a limitless number of choices. How I Met Your Father has already established Sophie Tompkins and Jesse Walker as the show’s core romantic relationship, even though the first season contains only ten episodes.

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Sophie and Jesse’s relationship, like Ted and Robin from How I Met Your Mother, is continuously in a state of “Will They or Won’t They,” bouncing between platonic and romantic commitments. Jesse and Ted were the first to fall in love, while Sophie and Robin were looking for a friend in each other. However, by the end of the first season, Sophie and Jesse expressed their love for each other.

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“Stacey” – Season 1

“Stacey,” the sixth episode of Season 1, is the best sign that Sid and Sophie might fall in love. Sid and Sophie are both having problems with their partners, so they end up in the hallway together. They tell each other everything. Jesse would argue with Sophie and challenge her, but Sid accepts and backs her up. He then puts out his hand to help her and tells her that things will work out with the right person. It feels like a hint, like how Robin and Barney’s scenes in “Zip, Zip, Zip” showed how they would get together later.

Sid and Hannah

In the last episode of Season 1, Sid married his fiancee Hannah. But it doesn’t look like they will stay together. The HIMYM Color Theory says that yellow means you’re with the right person and purple means you’re with the wrong person. Likely, HIMYF will also keep using this idea. Hannah is wearing yellow when she and Sid fight. In a flashback where they are supposed to be happy together, she is wearing purple. Also, the story arc of Sid and Hannah is the opposite of that of Marshall and Lily. Instead of breaking up at the end of Season 1, they get married. This could mean they will break up in the future, especially since they will live far apart in Season 2.

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If Sid and Sophie were to be together, there would also be an explosive love triangle, making it possible for this series to explore some of the heightened tension and emotions are seen in the later seasons of HIMYM. After Sophie and Jesse dated and split up, this romance probably wouldn’t start until a potential third or fourth season. Sid is with Hannah at the moment, while Sophie is currently with Ian. However, if the hallway scene is any sign, the show has bigger ambitions for Sophie and Sid. And they could be Sid and Sophie of How I Met Your Father.

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