This Is How Tracy McConnell can Cameo in HIMYF!

How I Met Your Mother is a sitcom that is shown on CBS and stars the character Tracy McConnell as the main protagonist. The show, narrated by a character named Future Ted, recounts the events that led to Ted Mosby meeting the mother of his children. Tracy is the mother we have all been waiting for for many years, yet she was taken away from us as soon as we got a glimpse of her character. Fans can’t resist but speculate about what roles their favourite characters from other sitcoms might play in the spinoff series HIMYF. Since she may appear in cameos, we will have more opportunities to watch Tracy.

This Is How Tracy McConnell can Cameo in HIMYF!

Even though Tracy McConnell (Cristin Milioti) didn’t make her first appearance on HIMYM until the season 8 finale, she rapidly became a fan favourite due to her prominent role in season 9. Tracy, who serves as the titular mother of the show How I Met Your Mother, had an in-depth look into her past and views into her potential future with Ted, which showed that she passed away in 2024 from an unknown ailment.

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This leaves only two more years for Tracy to appear in the timeline of How I Met Your Father, and a popular idea suggests that her cameo will be tied to the terrible illness she ultimately succumbed to. In the season one finale of How I Met Your Father, Hannah, who is now married to Sid, is working as a surgeon in Los Angeles. However, it is possible that she will be sent to New York City for a few exceptional cases, one of which may be for Ted Mosby’s wife Tracy. It is unknown when she first heard that she was sick, but if she is diagnosed between the years 2022 and 2023, it is possible that Tracy will make a cameo appearance on How I Met Your Father season 2 as one of Hannah’s patients.

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