10 Behind The Scenes Facts About ‘HIMYM’ that Definitely Did NOT Know

Kids, How I Met Your Father on Hulu has made me want to rewatch the original. This isn’t a problem with the show. I don’t want to rewatch all 208 episodes or even the best ones. I want to hear some of Bob Saget’s untold Future Ted stories. So, I’ll list some of my favorite stories. Behind-the-scenes facts about one of the best T.V. show ever. HIMYM tells our story. It begins with singable theme song trivia.

HIMYM’s creators’ band wrote and performed the theme song.

10 “pa’s” and a “da-da-da da-da-da” make up the How I Met Your Mother theme song. During the opening credits, you only hear the end of “Hey, Beautiful.” This song is essential to the show’s creators.

Neil Patrick Harris doesn’t look like Barney Stinson.

Neil Patrick Harris as Barney Stinson changed everything. Carter Bays and Craig Thomas created Barney Stinson for How I Met Your Mother. In 2008, the actor told A.V. Club how his iconic role changed from script to screen.

Season 1 of HIMYM featured most of Ted’s kids.

Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie stayed the same over nine seasons, except for a funny Season 9 promo in which the grown-up actors beg their dad to finish his story. They deserve praise. On the show, they’re not magically younger. It was well-planned.

In Season 2, an actual marriage proposal happened on set.

Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) found an engagement ring in her champagne. She thought Josh Radnor’s Ted Mosby was proposing. Another man’s ring. The latter proposal is more accurate than you thought despite what you thought.

Some HIMYM cast members have appeared with their real-life spouses.

This isn’t the only on-set romance. Timothy Russo and Jana Rugan married differently. Three How I Met Your Mother cast members have appeared alongside their real-life spouses.

HIMYM mentions accurate primarily websites.

How I Met, Your Mother has also influenced real-world events in other ways. Most people find it funny that the show mocks the internet by mentioning joke websites.

Alicia Silverstone originally played Stella Zinman.

Sarah Chalke almost didn’t play Ted’s bride-to-be in Season 4. T.V. Guide reported that Alicia Silverstone would appear on How I Met Your Mother.

Ad-libbed Marshall’s death scene

We know co-creator Carter Bays said this. People say it involves a Season 6 episode. Lily tells Marshall Eriksen that Bill Fagerbakke died. He wrote for Entertainment Weekly about a Freaks actor. Geeks made a heartbreaking scene even worse.

Season 4 of HIMYM “hid” Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders’ pregnancies.

Alyson Hannigan also used “improvisation” in How I Met Your Mother. Cobie Smulders told producers she was pregnant during Season 4 filming. They hid pregnancies from the camera. Because neither Lily nor Robin had this at that point. Fun times ensued.

Pineapple Incident ends with a deleted scene.

HIMYM fans were excited to solve Season 1’s Pineapple Incident. Cristin Milioti played “Mother” Tracy McConnell. Puzzle nearly solved.

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