10 Best Running Jokes of How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother played for 9 seasons on CBS and was renowned for many reasons, including its running jokes. Each character had at least one joke in every episode.

In every episode, Ted, Robin, Lily, Marshall, and Barney share their inside jokes with the audience. These jokes involve things like catchphrases, well-known items, and fashion accessories.

“A Sandwich Being Eaten”

Even though HIMYM was about a group of friends in their 20s, it was narrated by an older version of Ted Mosby, played by Full House star Bob Saget, who told his kids how he met their mother. To do this, he sometimes had to change how he told his teenagers his stories.

Catchphrases from Barney

Characters in sitcoms are often known for their catchphrases, and Barney Stinson could have written a book full of them. Barney used at least one of these phrases in almost every episode, from “Have you met Ted?” when he was Ted’s wingman to “Suit up!” and “Challenge accepted” when he was ready to take on a challenge.

“Many thanks, Linus.”

Lily Aldrin had a lot of one-liners that made people laugh out loud, but none of them were as funny as her three little words from the last season: “Many thanks, Linus.”

The Bet to Slap

When trying to figure out Robin’s secret (spoiler alert: she was a famous Canadian pop star named Robin Sparkles), Marshall and Barney made a rule called the “Slap Bet.” The winner would slap the loser, but the loser would be in trouble for a long time if it were the wrong person.

Suits for Barney

Even though Ted had a weird thing for red cowboy boots, Robin was once a pop star. No one’s clothes in HIMYM are as memorable and stylish as Barney’s.

The Doppelgangers

One of the best running jokes on HIMYM was when one of the gang’s doubles showed up out of the blue. Each look-alike was different and often stood in contrast to the main character.

The Duckie tie

Barney is usually well-dressed, but when he loses a bet with Marshall and Lily. He has to wear Marshall’s ducky tie, which Barney had made fun of before.

Mock Salutes

Ted and Robin’s fake salutes were a central running joke. As a joke between the two of them, their immature and unplanned interruptions of conversations were funny for the audience.

The Bro Code

One of Barney’s running jokes was the “Bro Code,” a list of rules that all “bros” should follow. Barney often said these things when he and his male friends were hooking up, dating, or even checking out girls.

It’s a pineapple

When the first season of HIMYM aired an episode called “The Pineapple Incident,” people talked and made up theories about where the mysterious fruit on Ted’s nightstand came from.

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