10 Cameos No One Saw Coming On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

How I Met Your Father, a show on Hulu, has been keeping viewers guessing about who “the father” really is. Fans of the original show are thrilled to see so many references to it in the spin-off. The show was just picked up for a second season.

The much-loved sitcom has given us some of the most famous characters in the history of pop culture, as well as favorite lines that are, wait for it, legendary. As with any long-running sitcom that is both popular and well-liked by critics, many famous people have snuck into the show to play themselves or to play strange but memorable roles.

Jennifer Lopez keeps telling Barney “no.”

In Season 5, Episode 17 (called “Of Course”), Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) meets his match when he falls for Jennifer Lopez’s character, Anita Appleby, for a short time. Anita wrote, “Of course, you’re still single.” The writer of The Playbook and The Bro Code didn’t know about it.

When Enrique Iglesias sings to every girl in the bar

Playing the part of Gael, or as Josh Radnor’s character Ted Mosby likes to say – “Gale,” Enrique Iglesias shows off his acting skills as Robin’s new Argentinian boyfriend in Season 3, Episode 1 (Wait For It), “Wait For It.” The singer-acoustic songwriter’s guitar playing and sensual massages not only impress his fans but also win the hearts of the gang. Everyone thinks Robin is trying to “win” their breakup except Ted.

When Katy Perry plays the easy-to-understand “Honey,”

Many people remember Katy Perry’s voice work for the Smurfs regarding her list of movies. But the guest appearance of the famous singer in Season 6, Episode 15 (“Oh Honey”) is just as attractive. Future Ted calls Perry’s character “Honey,” and her past is full of questionable things she did that show how easily she can be used. So, everyone on HIMYM said, “Oh, honey.”

When Britney Spears falls in love with Ted

Britney Spears is a real triple threat and an international icon. Her acting skills so impressed the show’s creators and fans that she saved the show from being canceled.

When Bob Odenkirk is Marshall’s Demanding Boss

Bob Odenkirk is the boss of both Marshall (Jason Segel) and Barney. His employees call him “Artillery Arthur” because he fires frequently and runs his business like a military officer. Before he did great work in Breaking Bad and its prequel spin-off Better Call Saul, Odenkirk had a small but recurring role in HIMYM. Fans of the show love and hate him for it.

When Bryan Cranston plays Ted’s awful boss

The cast of Breaking Bad may have used HIMYM as a place to hone their dark personalities and add a touch of goofiness. While Odenkirk’s character is kind to animals, Cranston’s character, Hammond Druthers, is rude and picks on his coworkers. Because of how rude he is, Lily (Alyson Hannigan) steals his favorite baseball, which Pete Rose has signed three times, to teach him a lesson.

If Katie Holmes is the Slutty Pumpkin

Since “From the “pineapple incident” to the “blue french horn,” HIMYM likes to cook up a few mysteries to keep fans interested until the big reveal of the mother. Since the 1st tease in Season 1, fans waited until Season 7, Episode 8, to find out that the Slutty Pumpkin, whose real name is Naomi, is Katie Holmes.

When Lin-Manuel Miranda shows how good he is at rhymes

Fans of the Tony Award winner may be too busy thinking about his big Broadway hits like Hamilton and In The Heights. Lin-Manuel Miranda shows how good he is at rapping when he plays Gus on HIMYM. This is before his well-known time on Broadway.

When Kim Kardashian tells Marshall, “Just be yourself,”

In Season 4, Episode 12 (“Benefits”), the main plot is about Ted and Robin’s relationship as “friends with benefits.” But this episode also has the show’s most unexpected guest star: Kim Kardashian, the Queen of Reality TV.

When Conan O’Brien is one of MacLaren’s supporters

Even the biggest HIMYM fans might have missed this famous guest star. When Barney runs out of the bar, Conan O’Brien finally shows up in a role where he doesn’t speak.

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