10 Facts About HIMYM That Were Later Disproved

With the recent revelation that Neil Patrick Harris will be joining Doctor Who as a villain in 2023, HIMYM viewers have found some anomalies in the show’s nine-year run.

HIMYM has a well-thought-out plot, so it’s hard to discern inadvertent blunders from strategic ones. Fans think that some foreshadowed the outcome accidentally. Fans can’t miss Barney donning a suit to Marvin Srfuneral.’s or Gary Blauman coming back to life.

Robin is gun-shy.

Robin is spotted at gun ranges, reading gun publications, and even keeps one in her bedroom. Therefore, she is likely a gun fanatic.

Barney’s Funeral Suit

Barney tells the guys he only “suits up” at funerals. In “Last Words,” the gang attends Marshall’s dad’s funeral wearing black. He’s reversed himself on this rule and wears one for Marshall.

He’s still alive.

The show features GNB. Gary Blauman’s story is remarkable. Barney’s strange story says Blauman died. Gary Blauman attends Robin and Barney’s wedding in the final season.

Robin played sports.

The show contradicts Robin’s assertion that she’s never played team sports. Robin wears an ice hockey jersey several times. She missed prom due to field hockey.

Barney’s photographs aren’t always good.

Barney invents many facts, yet some of them are contradictory. Robin always takes the same stance, even when eating. In season 5, Barney says he never takes terrible photos.

Marshall’s brothers fought.

Marshall was pleased he didn’t have to battle someone hitting on Lily. Flashbacks show Marshall fighting with his brothers WWE-style.

Lily doesn’t mind Robin’s dogs.

Lily remains with Barney after returning from San Francisco since Robin informs Ted she’s allergic to dogs and has five. In the short scenes with Robin’s canines, Lily seems unaffected.

The 2008 St. Patrick’s Day dates conflict.

Ted and Barney’s date was so fantastic they forgot the date. In 2008, St. Patrick’s Day was on March 17. However, season 9 shows it from the mother’s perspective. St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17. Hence, the scene’s title is incorrect.

Lily and Marshall share a toothbrush.

Marshall and Lily are formidable. They’ve never spent more than a summer apart since college. They share a toothbrush. In season 5 of HIMYM, Marshall and Lily told everyone they only had one toothbrush. In season 1, though, they used different toothbrushes.

Lily’s father doesn’t pay for their wedding.

Lily’s dad is paying for the wedding. She tells the gang. They pay for their wedding after that. Mickey makes board games for a career and isn’t successful. Therefore he can’t afford a wedding.

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