10 Moments from HIMYM That Hinted On Barney and Robin’s Divorce

HIYM was about Ted’s quest for love, but another romance stole the show. Fans grew attached to Barney and Robin’s unexpected romance, which became an ongoing storyline.

The plot twists in How I Met Your Mother were predictable, but Barney and Robin’s split stunned viewers. Although the divorce seemed unexpected, several moments hinted at Robin’s eventual marriage to Ted. The entire last season took place over the couple’s wedding weekend, giving them a happy ending.

Ted Meets Robin At The Park

Both men turned up for Robin at the park, but when and why was significant. While Barney was playing laser tag with Robin’s father, Ted skipped a big meeting after Robin called. “No, it’s stupid,” Ted knew, meant whatever was going on with Robin was vital.

Barney & Marshall Discuss Marriage

Barney was not monogamous, as he stated in the show. He broke up with Wendy, the Waitress because he needed to be with multiple women. Barney said Marshall that he would still have sex with other girls even if he married.

James Divorces

Barney’s brother helped him finally accept the marriage through his relationship with Tom. Barney was thrilled to learn that James and Tom had adopted a child.

Robin’s Locket Found by Ted

Robin’s locket was found by Ted, a huge red flag for Barney and Robin. While they often tried to attack it, things always turned out the way they were meant to.

Barney’s Lily Cheat On Robin

Because it’s a joke, viewers tend to overlook a disturbing incident at Barney’s bachelor party. This is one of many Barney Stinson quotes that haven’t aged well in How I Met Your Mother.

T&B’s Letters

Ted and Barney wrote a message to their future selves to remind them why they shouldn’t go back to Robin. But they both said very different things. Barney wrote that he and Robin don’t work as a couple, which made them both miserable.

Pre-wedding Doubts for Robin

It’s normal to have wedding jitters, but Robin had doubted Barney for a while. She couldn’t shake Ted, and the reasons she should be with him grew until the ceremony.

Ted Leaves The Blue French Horn

The blue French horn is a significant character in How I Met Your Mother. Ted took the guitar on their first date, and they had to return it the night their relationship ended.

Marshall Won’t Back Down.

Marshall knows Ted best than anyone, and he knew he and Robin would reunite. When Ted finally gives up on being with Robin, he steps outside and sees a world full of yellow umbrellas. If this were the final shot, it would imply Ted was no longer an impediment in Barney and Robin’s relationship.

Victoria Accepts Ted’s Love for Robin

Victoria was always a wise character, and she knew Ted would never let go of Robin for good. It’s why their relationship failed and why none of Ted’s other relationships lasted.

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