10 plot holes and inconsistencies on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

While the HIMYM story had several plots and twists, we also had a few inconsistencies and plot holes that left the show hanging. Here are 10 of them.

It’s unclear when Barney Stinson learned how to drive.

In season two, episode 17, “Arrivederci, Fiero,” Barney needs a ride to his massage appointment in Queens, but Marshall isn’t available to take him. Ted suggests he take Marshall’s car, but Barney visibly balks at the idea.

There are conflicting dates for the St. Patrick’s Day incident of 2008.

In season three, episode 12, “No Tomorrow,” the central friend group decides to split up to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

The pineapple incident is one of the series’ biggest mysteries.

In season one, episode 10, “The Pineapple Incident,” Barney, Marshall, and Lily convince Ted to be a little more spontaneous, leading to him taking five shots of bartender Carl’s “Red Dragon” blacking out.

Robin is a self-acclaimed gun lover, but she’s afraid of Not-Moby’s gun in season one.

Throughout the series, fans find out that tough-as-nails Canadian Robin carries a gun in her purse, wears a gun-shaped pendant, subscribes to a guns-and-ammunition publication, and visits the shooting range when she needs to work through emotions.

Robin says Lily can’t live with her because she’s allergic to her dogs, but they never seem to be a problem.

After moving back to New York from San Francisco in season two, Lily moves into a tiny run-down apartment barely inhabitable.

All of Robin’s female friends seem to disappear.

Robin is framed as the ultimate “guy’s girl throughout the series.”

It’s unclear whether Marshall knows how to fight.

Lily calls Marshall her “marshmallow” because he’s a big softie.

A windshield breaks and is magically repaired in the blink of an eye on season two.

In season two, episode seven, “Swarley,” Barney and Ted try to explain their theory about women with “crazy eyes” to Marshall by giving personal accounts of disastrous dates.

Barney says he dated Wendy, the waitress, but their earlier interactions say otherwise.

Barney dated his fair share of women on the show. But it was still somewhat surprising in season three when he claimed he was in a relationship with Wendy, the waitress from MacLaren’s Pub, in 2005.

None of Marshall or Lily’s relatives seemed to be at their wedding.

Marshall and Lily’s wedding was a sweet, two-part season-two finale that many fans looked forward to. But it seems like none of their immediate family members got an invite.

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