10 Reasons that Prove that Ted and Lily Would’ve Been the Best Couple in HIMYM

People who watch HIMYM want them to stay together for a long time because they are one of the most influential couples. As people get older, they realize that relationships they thought would always be strong can fall apart. Lily might not have ended up with Marshall but with one of the show’s main characters, like Ted (Josh Radnor).

For nine seasons, there was no doubt that they were just friends. But what if they started going out? Here are ten good reasons why Lily and Ted should have gotten together.

When they first met, were they in college?

Here’s what happens: Lily and Ted met in their first year of college. They all met that way so that they could have started dating then.

Lily no longer wants to be with Marshall, so she says, “Leave him.” I once tried to show that things were terrible.

The first season is over, and Lily leaves Marshall. It’s tough to see. It also shows that they had some problems.

They’ve been friends for a long time.

No matter how friendly and funny Marshall is, it doesn’t matter. Some problems in his life come up during the show. His heart is in the right place, but he can’t decide whether to work for a large company and make a lot of money or for the environment and make a lot of money. Even though he loves Lily, he doesn’t want to settle down when he thinks about how much he loves her.

They both find the same things funny, which makes them both laugh.

I think it’s essential for any new relationship to start the fun. Nobody has much fun when one person tells jokes, and the other doesn’t want to laugh.

They are good together.

People lie sometimes, and the How I Met Your Mother characters are no different. Fans of the show know that Lily and Ted can tell if someone is lying.

They know they can both live there.

Living with someone else is easy if you have a partner, but sharing space with someone else is still hard. She and Ted have lived together for as long as I can remember. They’ve done it pretty well.

Ted is very familiar with Lily.

In season 2, Lily told Ted that when she was a child, all she wanted for Christmas was an Easy-Bake Oven. But she didn’t get one.

At least once, Lily and Ted could have kissed.

In the third episode, “How I Met Everyone Else,” they kissed once. Marshall says that’s not at all what happened. With different people. He says that they did meet at a college party.

They sometimes make out.

In the season 2 Christmas episode, Lily and Ted flirt a lot. Ted calls Lily a “grinch” after the fight. She gets furious.

Marshall can’t tell Lily things about Ted that Lily can tell Marshall, but Lily can.

One of the first episodes of Season 1 is called “Milk.” Ted and she talk about how scared they are of getting married. Even if she doesn’t love Marshall, she thinks about an art fellowship she wants to apply for, and she’s not sure if she should get married.

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