10 Surprise Guest Stars on “How I Met Your Mother”

The Hulu comedy How I Met Your Mother, which was just renewed for a second season, has kept fans guessing about the actual identity of “the father.” While the spin-new off’s characters entertain, many ardent fans will be delighted to discover several nods to its predecessor, HIMYM.

The renowned comedy has bestowed fans with some of pop culture’s most famous characters, as well as classic quips that are LEGEN…wait for it…DARY. As with any successful and highly acclaimed long-running sitcom, several celebrities have slipped their way into the series, either replaying themselves or playing strange but remembered parts.

When Jennifer Lopez Continues to Say ‘No’ to Barney

Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) eventually finds his equal in Season 5, Episode 17 (‘Of Course,’ when he falls temporarily in love with Jennifer Lopez’s character, Anita Appleby. Anita authored a book called “Of Course You’re Still Single, Take A Look At Yourself You Damn Slut,” unbeknownst to the author of The Playbook and The Bro Code.

When Enrique Iglesias sings a song for every girl in the bar

I’m playing Gael, or as Ted Mosby (Josh Radnor) likes to say – “Enrique Iglesias stretches his acting talents as Robin’s new Argentinian lover in Season 3, Episode 1 (‘Wait For It’). With his acoustic guitar playing and seductive massages, the singer/songwriter not only impresses admirers but also wins the hearts of the gang. Except for Ted, everyone believes Robin is attempting to “win” their separation.

When Katy Perry Performs ‘Honey,’ The Gullible

Many people remember Katy Perry’s voice acting effort for Smurfs from her career. On the other hand, the legendary singer’s cameo in Season 6, Episode 15 (“Oh Honey”) is as remarkable. Perry’s character, referred to as “Honey” by Future Ted, has a shady history that demonstrates how readily exploitable she is. As a result, the whole How I Met Your Mother cast said the words, “oh, honey.”

When Britney Spears falls in love with Ted

Britney Spears, a genuine triple threat and international star, so enchanted the show’s makers and fans that she saved it from cancellation.

When Bob Odenkirk plays Marshall’s Tough Boss

Bob Odenkirk, nicknamed “Artillery Arthur” by his staff, exercises his severe firing practices and military management style as both Marshall and Barney’s employer. Before moving on to incredible performances in Breaking Bad and its prequel spin-off Better Call Saul. Odenkirk’s modest but recurrent part in How I Met Your Mother had a love-hate relationship with series fans.

When Bryan Cranston plays Ted’s Horrible Boss

HIMYM may have served as a training ground for Breaking Bad performers to hone their dark characters with a dash of buffoonery. While Odenkirk’s character cares about animals, Bryan Cranston’s Hammond Druthers is unpleasant and a bully to his coworkers.

When Katie Holmes Is Playing the Slutty Pumpkin

According to the “From the ‘pineapple incident’ to the blue french horn. HIMYM loves cooking up a few riddles to keep fans entertained as they wait for the big reveal of the mother. Since the 1st tease in Season 1, fans have been waiting for Season 7, Episode 8 (“The Slutty Pumpkin Returns”).

Lin-Manuel Miranda Demonstrates His Rhyming Ability

Tony Award winner fans may be fascinated with his outstanding Broadway musical works such as Hamilton and In The Heights. Lin-Manuel Miranda offers spectators a taste of his rapping ability on HIMYM before his acclaimed Broadway run.

Marshall Is Encouraged to Be Himself by Kim Kardashian

The plot of Season 4, Episode 12 (“Benefits”) centers mostly around Ted and Robin’s friendship-with-benefits arrangement. However, the episode also features one of the show’s most unexpected cameos: Kim Kardashian, the reality TV Queen herself.

When Conan O’Brien Supports MacLaren’s

Even the most devoted HIMYM fans could overlook this star’s appearance. The talk show presenter appears in the background for only 10 seconds in Season 7, Episode 17 (“No Pressure”). As Ted and his buddies speak at their usual hangout. Conan O’Brien, in a non-speaking part, eventually displays his face when Barney rushes out of the pub.

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