10 Times HIMYM Copied Friends Directly

Fans claim HIMYM copied Friends, and the comparison between the two sitcoms may be valid.

A Hangout

Even though both locations were busy, each group managed to get the exact spot conveniently.

VHS/Ridiculous Haircuts

Like the storylines in Friends, Ted, Marshall, and Lily always looked stupid in old footage. The scenes always highlight the characters’ changes in personality and hairstyles.

Cannot Cook

But HIMYM made Robin like Rachel, unable to cook. A trifle with beef in the middle was famously attempted by Rachel, while Robin couldn’t even scramble an egg during HIMYM.

No Photo

Their inability to take photos is one of their many similarities. For their engagement photos, Chandler couldn’t take a photo.


But their jobs are very similar. They both have very intellectual jobs, which the other groups mock as ‘geeky.’ Plus, they both end up teaching younger people about their worlds, which is a clear parallel.

Their Students

This led to a hilarious storyline in Friends, as Ross tried not to be jealous of Elizabeth’s youth. But Ted and Cindy’s relationship would be a student-teacher in How I Met Your Mother.

Love For A Friend

Many fans disliked Rachel’s relationship with Joey. But How I Met Your Mother didn’t learn from their mistake and instead pushed Barney and Robin together, resulting in the two womanisers settling down.

What Do They Do?

Birthday Split

It was a great laugh, and How I Met Your Mother did the same with Ann Dudek reprising the role. It was Natalie, and Ted had twice broken up with her on her birthday.

Marrying The Pals

Joey and Barney were both charged with marrying their friends. So Joey did Phoebe and Mike’s wedding and Barney did Lily and Marshall’s.

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