10 TV show characters who got in the way of the show

Sidekicks are often very important to a story, no matter its genre. The humor and wit of these secondary characters can sometimes steal the show from the main characters. Sometimes, these characters are well-rounded and have more than one layer to discover. They can also be cute, making people like them immediately. Sidekicks are often more likable and help make the main character more real.

Sidekicks are often meant to help the main character, but they can also get in the way. They can start as friends and then turn on the main character or be coworkers with their plans. In those stories, they often get in the way of the main character.

Janice makes Tony’s double life harder to handle (The Sopranos).

One of the most famous HBO shows is The Sopranos. The crime drama is about Tony Soprano, who is in charge of a group of criminals and tries to balance his family and personal life with his work. Even though it seems unlikely that Tony’s sidekick could be a problem, his sister often gets in his way.

Barney married Ted’s girlfriend (How I Met Your Mother).

Even though Ted Mosby has a lot of dates in How I Met Your Mother, the story is usually about his relationship with Robin Scherbatsky. Robin and Ted are on and off as a couple during the show’s nine seasons. This gives Ted hope. But when Robin married Barney Stinson, Ted could no longer try to get her back.

Madison was a typical person as a high school student.

The main character of Veronica Mars is a teenager who works as a private eye. Since Veronica was in high school and discovered secrets, she made a lot of enemies, including Madison Sinclair. Madison was rude and condescending, so she fit the stereotype of the mean girl.

Andrew was very bad (The Office).

The Office had a large ensemble cast, making the characters’ relationships very different. The people who worked at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company were the main focus of the sitcom. Andrew Bernard, the Regional Director of Sales, was not always easy to like. He thought he was better than everyone else and bragged about his smarts.

Niles Puts His Older Brother Behind Him (Frasier)

In the popular TV show Frasier, the main character, Frasier Crane, always tries to beat his younger brother, Niles. This makes it hard for him to date and gives him less privacy. When Frasier returns to his hometown, Niles talks him into letting their dad move in.

Jake makes good use of Olivia’s power (Scandal)

At first, Jake Ballard was Olivia Pope’s love interest on Scandal, but he soon became a problem for her. Over time, he used his love for Olivia to control and own her. Jake’s plans got even worse when Olivia returned with President Fitzgerald Grant.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a show that has become a cult favorite, was about a girl who had to balance her everyday life with hunting vampires. After five seasons, Buffy gets a teenage sister who used to be the “Key,” a form of magical energy.

Scrappy-Doo is the go-to sidekick for bad guys (Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo).

Scrappy-Doo was Scooby-annoying Doo’s nephew. He first showed up in 1979. The ratings increased when this new character was added to the cartoon. But Scrappy-Doo became a bother to the rest of the cast and the audience.

Emily was almost drowned by Paige (Pretty Little Liars).

There were a lot of bad people in Pretty Little Liars. The thriller was about a group of friends who got threats from an unknown blackmailer. One of the main characters, Emily Fields, was often pushed to her limits by her rival on the team, Paige McCullers.

Jeremy stopped Pawnee from getting better (Parks and Recreation).

Parks and Recreation are about an enthusiastic Parks Department worker named Leslie Knope. Leslie cares deeply about her town, Pawnee, and has many ideas for improving it. But from his seat on the city council, Jeremy Jamm always says no to her thoughts.

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