10 Unrealistic Romantic Gestures that Were just Stupid

There are some of the 10 Unrealistic Romantic Gestures that Were just Stupid.

1. “The scene in Love Actually where that dude held up a bunch of poster boards to tell Keira Knightley’s character how he felt about her. Excuse me? Plus, she was with someone @else. What if he saw that?”

2. “In How I Met Your Mother when Marshall met Lily at the airport with a full-on marching band. Really?”

3. “In The Office when Jim Halpert decided to buy his parents’ house for him and Pam without talking to her about it all, and Pam was just like, ‘I love it!’ You can’t stick someone with a MORTGAGE and a NEW ADDRESS without so much as a quick chat beforehand. Especially for a house that could potentially come with weird emotional baggage. ‘Hey, do you want to go bone in my parents’ old bedroom?’ Unrealistic Romantic Gestures.”

4. “In 10 Things I Hate About You when Patrick sang ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ during Kat’s soccer practice.”

5. “When Mary Jane kissed Spider-Man upside down after he saved her. Who kisses a random stranger in a mask just because he helped you? Girl, no.”

6. “When Austin from A Cinderella Story left in the middle of the homecoming football game to show his love for Sam. Finish the game, bro. You can talk to her after.”

7. “When Max Medina sent 1,000 yellow daisies to Lorelai in Gilmore Girls as part of a proposal. On a teacher’s salary?!”

8. “In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when Andie quit her job and decided to move across the country a couple days after the breakup, and Ben stopped traffic on a bridge to stop her on the way to the airport. GTFO.”


9. “All of The Notebook. I hate that that movie is a standard for love. It’s awful and depicts a completely toxic relationship.”

10. “In Grey’s Anatomy when Meredith built a house of candles for Derek. First, where did she get hundreds of glass vases and large candles? How many hours did that take to set up, and how many thousands of dollars did that cost? It’s sweet but so Unrealistic Romantic Gestures.”

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