16 Plot Holes and Inconsistencies on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

It’s unclear when Barney Stinson learned how to drive.

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But it’s never explained how or when Barney got over his fear of driving and got a license.

There are conflicting dates for the St. Patrick’s Day incident of 2008.

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He tweeted, “Pretty sure that in 2008 St. Patty’s Day was in April. Yeah, I’m right about this. Don’t look it up. I’m right. (CASUALLY BACKS OUT THE DOOR).”

The pineapple incident is one of the series’ biggest mysteries.

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A deleted scene called “The Complete Story” on the full-series DVD collection released in 2014 finally explained how Ted got the pineapple, but it was never solved in the actual series.

Robin is a self-acclaimed gun fan, but she’s afraid of Not-Moby’s gun in season one.

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The most likely explanation is that the writers hadn’t fully fleshed out Robin’s character early in the series, but now it’s become a pretty blatant character inconsistency.

Robin says Lily can’t live with her because she’s allergic to her dogs, but they never seem to be a problem.

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Either Robin lied about Lily’s allergies to avoid having her move in with her, or her allergies are easily controllable.

All of Robin’s female friends seem to disappear.

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But when we were first introduced to Robin in the pilot episode, she was surrounded by a group of women at the bar. And we see her hanging out with other girlfriends in various episodes throughout the series.

It’s unclear whether Marshall knows how to fight.

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He’d been in plenty of nasty fights growing up with his brothers in Minnesota, and he was quickly able to take down a bartender who punched Ted.

A windshield breaks and is magically repaired in the blink of an eye on season two.

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In the flashback scene, we see Janine smashing the windshield of a car that almost bumped into them. But in the next shot, barely a second later, the windshield is as good as new.

Barney says he dated Wendy, the waitress, but their earlier interactions say otherwise.

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And on season two, episode three, “Brunch,” Barney openly flirts with Wendy without indicating that he knew her — let alone dated her — previously.

None of Marshall or Lily’s relatives seemed to be at their wedding.

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But Marshall’s close-knit family was introduced back in season one, episode nine, “Belly Full of Turkey,” so it’s odd that none of them are shown at the wedding.

Marshall and Lily didn’t always share a toothbrush when they lived with Ted.

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However, in season one, episode 14, “Zip Zip Zip,” when Marshall and Lily are trapped in the bathroom together while Ted romances Victoria, they are clearly shown using two separate toothbrushes.

Robin claims to have never played team sports, but she also said she missed her prom for a field-hockey game.

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But toward the end of season one, on “Best Prom Ever,” she shares that she missed her high-school prom because she had a field-hockey game.

Barney breaks one of his cardinal suit rules at Mr. Eriksen’s funeral.

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And yet, at Marshall’s dad’s funeral in season six, Barney dons a classic black suit.

Two different actors play Barney’s brother-in-law throughout the series.

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But when Tom is formally introduced in season seven, episode 11, “The Rebound Girl,” he’s played by a different actor than the man in the picture.

Gary Blauman rose from the dead.

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Barney most likely just lied about Gary’s death to prove his point.

There’s a bit of confusion surrounding Barney and Robin’s wedding date.

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We see the entire wedding weekend play out in the final season, so it’s clear that the season-eight date was incorrect.

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