17 Hysterical “How I Met Your Mother” Moments For When You Just Need A Good Laugh

1. First, when Ted explained where he lives:

sub-buzz-15140-1520626173-1.jpg (598×393)

2. Every time Robin didn’t want to hear Patrice’s advice:

anigif_sub-buzz-12975-1520626317-6.gif (500×281)

3. When the gang convinced everyone to call Barney “Swarley”:

sub-buzz-1479-1520885350-9.jpg (700×1000)

4. When Ted and Marshall tried to hide the fact that they were high from Lily:

sub-buzz-14227-1520628407-8.jpg (600×1462)

5. When Robin had trouble making friends:

sub-buzz-16195-1520865797-1.jpg (600×828)

6. When Marshall introduced Barney to Slapsgiving:

sub-buzz-24604-1520885484-1.jpg (600×1316)

7. When Ted didn’t know how to spell “professor” on his first day teaching:

anigif_sub-buzz-13464-1520627229-3.gif (500×286)

8. When Robin revealed why she actually hated the mall:

sub-buzz-7946-1520629905-13.jpg (600×1564)

9. When Lily was never without a drink:

anigif_sub-buzz-31987-1520885560-2.gif (415×277)

10. When Marshall was stunned that Stella had never seen Star Wars:

sub-buzz-3158-1520864098-18.jpg (472×662)

11. When Barney questioned how Ted was ever gonna meet someone:

sub-buzz-17412-1520868285-10.jpg (599×662)

12. When the gang held an intervention for Marshall’s hat:

sub-buzz-15590-1520865100-6.jpg (600×1189)

13. When Barney lost the doves before his wedding:

sub-buzz-7381-1520629098-13.png (600×481)

14. When Barney and Marshall got drunk:

anigif_sub-buzz-21970-1520872200-27.gif (500×218)

15. When Ted realized his mom had been lying to him for years:

sub-buzz-19648-1520877088-1.png (600×599)

16. When Ted thought his mom was calling instead of Robin:

sub-buzz-31727-1520885700-5.jpg (600×1170)

17. When Robin explained Mary Poppins to Ted:

sub-buzz-30399-1520879397-6.jpg (600×755)


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