24 Reasons “How I Met Your Mother” Was The Cleverest Show On TV

1. Because of things like this.

enhanced-buzz-26821-1441981077-7.jpg (625×518)

2. Because of how this saying came so very true. Twice.
3. Because of how they cover up the “holes” in Ted’s memory.

original-25347-1441974740-3.png (700×408)

4. Because of this callback.

enhanced-buzz-29264-1441972968-8.jpg (600×2724)

5. Because The Mother’s name was revealed way back in Episode 9 in the first season.

enhanced-30356-1441978086-21.jpg (600×1007)

6. Because of this cunning use of color theory.

enhanced-buzz-1539-1441972240-7.jpg (600×1172)

7. Because of how precisely clothes were matched.

enhanced-buzz-27188-1441974562-16.jpg (600×837)

8. Because of the symbolism of these clouds turning to blue skies.


9. Because Dr. X’s website exists.

original-2203-1442226398-5.png (600×345)

10. Because “before a man meets the woman he’ll marry, he’ll make one horrible mistake.”

enhanced-4416-1441979166-1.png (549×941)

11. Because Robin Sparkles’ spaceship was also a curling stone because of Canada.

enhanced-buzz-10952-1441971980-21.jpg (600×345)

12. Because even in the first shots of the Hoser Hut, there’s Paul Shaffer.

enhanced-buzz-8114-1441981112-7.jpg (600×340)

13. Because of this perfect background joke.

enhanced-buzz-7518-1441988300-7.jpg (600×337)

14. Because Marshall’s jacket reappears.

enhanced-buzz-22664-1441988553-7.jpg (600×365)

15. Because this Rastafarian is eating a “sandwich.”

enhanced-buzz-27664-1441989305-8.jpg (600×337)

16. Whenever Marshall went on a trip, he brought back beer – even in Marvin’s stroller.

original-23957-1441989728-7.png (600×337)

17. Because the red carcass that Robin’s locket is in has been there the whole damn time.

enhanced-12459-1441977745-7.jpg (600×898)

18. This motorcycle sign was in an episode way before Barney did something that caused it to exist.

enhanced-22324-1442225979-1.jpg (600×903)
No word on the llamas, though.

19. Because they eventually found all the replicas.

20. Because of how the Van Smoot dynasty was so carefully worked into the show.

enhanced-10662-1442226294-1.jpg (600×1352)

21. Because Robin kept her promise.

enhanced-buzz-19704-1441979849-7.jpg (600×615)

22. Because Barney does use 83 whenever he’s making up a statistic.

23. Because how Barney’s advice was more accurate than he ever expected.

enhanced-buzz-26018-1441972679-6.jpg (576×766)

24. Because of this symmetry between the start and the end of the show.

enhanced-buzz-24751-1441972600-8.jpg (600×688)

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