9 Times Robin from How I Met Your Mother Should Have Been Fired

Robin took her career seriously in How I Met Your Mother, and her determination to succeed as a broadcast journalist was one of her main plotlines throughout the sitcom. It’s up for debate whether Marshall or Robin had the highest work ethic out of the group, but there was nothing she wouldn’t do to achieve her goals.

As with any competitive industry, there were instances when Robin struggled to stay afloat. Thanks to her ambitious nature, she eventually became the star she’d always wanted to be. However, it’s unrealistic that she was able to excel in her career field, given her workplace demeanor. Robin saved the day on more than one occasion, but she’s also committed firable offenses that would never fly in the real world.

When Robin Read The News In Clown Makeup

It wasn’t Robin’s intent to go on-air looking like a clown, but her bad choices caused the mess. Robin fired her makeup artist right while sitting in her makeup chair and handled the situation inappropriately.

When Robin Made Inappropriate Comments On The Air

Out of all of Robin’s questionable workplace choices, this one is the worst. Barney offered to give Robin money if she made dirty comments on the air, and there reached a point where she wasn’t even trying to sneak them in subtly. Saying the phrases just once should have cost her her job, but her reports worsened with no consequences.

When Marshall Lied About Being Mugged By A Monkey

Future Ted assured viewers that Marshall’s lie didn’t hurt Robin’s credibility, but it would’ve been more realistic if How I Met Your Mother. She personally invited Marshall on the show as a guest, only for the entire segment to become a disaster.

When Robin Screamed At Patrice

Robin and Barney’s relationship was toxic for several reasons, and it often led them both to do inexcusable things. When Barney dated Patrice, it only intensified Robin’s hatred for her co-worker.

When Robin Excessively Said “But, Um” To Prove A Point

Without even realizing she was doing it, she was saying, “But, um,” on the news so often that Ted’s students made a drinking game out of it. It’s a filler phrase everyone says at some point, especially when talking in front of an audience, but Robin had been saying it excessively.

When Becky Eclipsed Her

She didn’t necessarily do anything wrong after Becky was hired. Still, Becky eclipsed her in every word. Becky was immature and didn’t take broadcast journalism seriously, but no one at the news station seemed to care.

When Robin Tried To Avoid The Super Bowl Score

When it comes to a person’s job, they need to leave their issues at home. Robin was so determined not to find out who won the Super Bowl that she caused a massive scene during her newscast. It was disrespectful to her co-workers, and it didn’t make her look great, either.

When Robin Drank Wine Under Her Desk

No matter the occasion, drinking alcohol on the clock is never a good idea. It’s even worse to hide under a desk, cry, and get drunk off a wine bottle.

When She Fell Into Horse Manure

It might have been an accident, but Robin’s reaction was anything but professional. No matter what happens on the air, reporters need to try and keep a level head. Robin wasn’t seriously injured, so there wasn’t much of an excuse for what she said to the camera.

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