All the Times HIMYF Referenced to HIMYM

Aside from the overall plot and setting, How I Met Your Father doesn’t have a lot in common with the world of its predecessor. Fans who paid attention and had a wild knowledge of How I Met Your Mother saw a few callbacks and similarities between the shows.

Proposals are made in both shows at the start of each one.

To start, Marshall (Jason Segel) was rehearsing how to ask Lily (Alyson Hannigan) to marry him. Sid (Suraj Sharma) talks about how he wants to propose to his father in How I Met Your Father, and then he does it.

Goliath National Bank is still going strong, even though many people have moved on.

The three main characters in How I Met Your Mother all work for Goliath National Bank at some point. Marshal gives up his job as a lawyer to work for the soulless company. Ted designed the new GNB headquarters, and Barney… I don’t know.

Both of the prominent couples start as friends.

In the show’s first episode, Chris Lowell’s character, Jesse, falls in love with Sophie when he meets her through Uber. This will happen in the next episode. Then Sophie says, “Maybe we could just be friends who are messes, instead of two messes who try to date each other.” Most of the season goes on with Sophie and Jesse in the friend zone, but they’re still together.

They live in the apartment of Ted and Marshals, which is where Jesse and Sid live now.

Any HIMYM fan worth their salt knew that the classic apartment set was shown at the end of the first season. Jesse says they got the apartment from an “old married couple” who put it on a group for Wesleyan alums. The traditional theme song plays as Jesse and Sid invite the group into their apartment. This is another example of how it is very likely that Lily and Marshal were this couples because they both went to Wesleyan.

As Marshall sings, Sophie sings almost as much.

Marshall is one of the cutest characters ever written. He’s right up there with Joey from “Friends,” too. His favourite thing to do is sing. Marshall would start singing songs out of the blue and sing about simple things. That doesn’t mean anything. He also likes dancing, which gave him a dancer’s hip.

Sophie’s date is also a marine biologist, just like her friend.

How I Met Your Mother: This refers to two different people in the show. At the beginning of the show, Sophie goes on a date with Ian. He is a beautiful marine biologist! Ian thinks it’s fake because it’s too good to be true.

Jesse and Ted wear “Cool Shirts.”

This one might be a little far. HIMYM: Ted wears a brown shirt in episode 4 of season 1. He had forgotten about it. Many talks about how “nice” the brown shirt looks in this episode. This is a good chance that How I Met Your Father talks about.

The Captain and Becky show up.

You can tell that this show is based on the original show when Kyle MacLachlan and his wife Becky come on screen. There are a lot of boats, boats, boats! This is a huge part of HIMYM. The Captain’s sea-themed fantasies and Becky’s boats made the show fun.

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