Barney Stinson made the 10 most complicated plans on “HIMYM.”

Neil Patrick Harris plays Barney Stinson, the typical TV party guy who does whatever he wants. He’s renowned for entertaining and manipulating others on HIMYM.

Barney is always honest and never sleazy. Instead, he plots everything out and makes people go through crazy hurdles, just for them to discover it was a silly setup.

Barney lies to Marshall about a dog YouTube video (‘Spoiler Alert’).

In this episode, viewers see if Marshall (Jason Segel) passes. Marshall forgot the password to access the results. Barney says he has a video of a dog pooping on a newborn to show everyone when the results come out.

(‘Cupcake’) Recruiting Marshall for Goliath National Bank.

Barney’s ideas for Marshall are different. Marshall wants to be an environmental lawyer after passing the bar. Marshall respectfully refuses his offer to work for him. Barney changes his strategy after being denied.

The exploding meatball sub

Barney is mortified by Marshall’s joke about a stain on his tie. Marshall quits on the day of his revenge.

His pals judged Quinn (‘The Broath’).

In season 7, Barney dates one of his strippers, Quinn (Becki Newton). Barney makes Josh Radnor’s Ted “Breath” not to tell the other friends about Quinn. Ted disobeys and tells the staff. He is creating animosity.

To illustrate a point steals Ted’s stuff (‘Moving Day’).

Barney hijacks Ted’s moving van after loading it. Barney cautions Ted that he and Robin shouldn’t move in together. Ted refuses and moves in with Robin.


Lily and Marshall decide to start trying for a baby once the gang spots the final doppelgänger. Marshall believes he discovered his double in a cab, but it’s Barney.

(‘The Scorpion and the Toad’) Barney prevents Marshall from dating while he and Lily are broken up.

Barney is pleased that all the guys are single at once. Barney has ulterior intentions for Marshall and Lily’s split.

Barney’s argument (‘Stuff’).

Barney criticizes Lily’s play to the group. She says real friends don’t do that. Barney disagrees and puts on a space.

Barney’s “Stinsons”

Barney’s early departure from McLaren raises suspicion. They pursue him to Barney’s mom’s house. Barney’s wife and son startle the group after they’re briefly relieved.


Barney picks up a woman masquerading as an 80-year-old guy at McLaren’s pub. Barney has been using this approach to seduce ladies.

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