Did ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Copy a ‘Friends’ Couple?

Now that Friends is available on HBO Max, more people may come to the same conclusion: the show influenced comedies that came after it, such as How I Met Your Mother. Did the 1994 NBC show before the 2005 CBS show take one specific thing from it?

Barney and Robin, the couple from “How I Met Your Mother,”

In the first episode of HIMYM, Barney Stinson and Robin Scherbatsky met for the first time. At McLaren’s, Barney introduces Robin to Ted and tries to get Ted to sleep with her. Robin joins the group after Ted and Robin decide to be friends. Robin and Barney stay good friends even though Robin is going out with Ted (and breaking up). But in season 3, they finally slept together.

In season 4, Barney and Robin start as “friends with benefits,” but they end up going steady with each other. Season 5, they break up, and they both start dating (and getting engaged to) other people. In season 8, though, they are finally back together and getting active.

Many fans were upset when they broke up at the show’s end.


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In its last season, HIMYM did something very different. Season 9 took place over Robin and Barney’s wedding weekend, which was a long weekend. In the end, there are many bumps along the way, but in the future, they get married and seem happy about it.

After only a few years of marriage, Robin and Barney decide to split up. Barney never gets married again, but Robin does, with Ted, after about 15 years. Because of this, the series finale, which shows the group a few years after the wedding, got a lot of bad reviews.

Many people have said that HIMYM is like a friend. Both shows are about people in their 20s who live in Manhattan and spend a lot of time at a restaurant. There are also not enough people of different races and sexual orientations. Even though HIMYM is better in this way, it came out years after Friends.

Another way in which the two shows are the same? There are a lot of dates between people in the core groups. Most importantly, Robin and Rachel, a woman who joins the group in the pilot, end up dating two of the men throughout the show (Barney and Ted, Joey and Ross).

Rachel and Joey are not the same as Robin and Barney.

Rachel and Ross’s relationship in Friends is the same kind of “meant to be” relationship that Robin and Ted have in HIMYM. So, Robin and Barney are the same as Rachel and Joey. In a video about HIMYM, The Take points out some similarities. Specifically, Joey and Barney are both “playboy” types.

But there are a lot more ways they are different. Robin and Rachel don’t have very similar personalities. Yes, they are both “career-driven” women, but that seems like an old way to describe them in HIMYM. More than that, there’s no natural way to compare them as couples. Robin and Barney worked well together because they were so much alike. Fans saw how well they worked together.

On the other hand, Rachel and Joey never really hit it off. They were put together at the last minute (much later than Barney and Robin). And almost right away, they went out. So, there are good reasons to compare these two couples, but it doesn’t look like the pairing on HIMYM was based on the one on Friends, no matter how doomed they both were.

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