Did You Notice HIMYM Hinted On Robin Drifting Away in the Future?

Robin Scherbatsky was the character that best personified the phrase “dive first, think later.” She never made any concessions in her job and always prioritised her needs. During the previous season, though, her character got less cold. When Robin and the other characters decided to go their ways in the last season of How I Met Your Mother, our hearts broke into several pieces as we watched. However, Season 8 was secretly setting the groundwork for all of this.

Did You Notice HIMYM Hinted On Robin Drifting Away in the Future?
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The HIMYM finale’s more dramatic focus on Robin’s drifting away from the group was overshadowed by the fact that the season 8 episode with Lily is still tied to one of the fundamental reasons why Robin’s distancing made sense. As Robin points out, adults who can’t always be youthful and free, sitting around a bar talking about nothing every day, are expected to engage in typical activities, such as grabbing drinks over 17 years to catch up with one another. In the future, Lily and Marshall will be responsible for raising three children, and Robin will have established a successful profession as a writer who travels the world; therefore, it is only natural that Lily and Robin would only very infrequently visit each other to catch up on each other’s life.

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Given that Ted’s recollection of Robin and Lily’s infrequent reunions back in season 8 laid the groundwork for her drifting away, it is surprising that the flash-forwards were still faithful to the timeline of her drifting away even though Ted’s memory of these reunions was the catalyst for her later distance. For instance, the programme veiled her divorce from Barney in the season 9 finale of HIMYM by always covering Robin’s left hand in the flash-forwards to conceal her ring finger. This was one of the ways the episode camouflaged the fact that she had divorced Barney. This explains why Robin met with Lily in 2017 at the height of their estrangement when Lily had just given birth to her third child, even though she had previously stated that she would be present for the important events after the series finale. In addition, as Ted continued to tell the story, the amount of time that had passed since the previous meeting decreased gradually, going from four years to eight years to two years to just one year. This was consistent with the idea that Robin eventually became closer to Lily and the other characters on How I Met Your Mother again after many years had passed.

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