During How I Met Your Father, Where Are HIMYM Characters?

The spinoff occurs between the present and future timelines of How I Met Your Mother. But the original show has hinted at where the characters will be in the spinoff. How I Met, Your Father is set in the same universe as HIM YM. But it is not a direct sequel series. How I Met, Your Father is set in 2022, nine years after the events of How I Met Your Mother. Which ended in May 2013 with Barney and Robin’s wedding. Even though the finale episode aired in 2014. Because Future Ted’s story takes place in 2030 and HIM’s Future Sophie narrates her story in 2050. There won’t be much overlap in terms of future narration.

Tracy did not take Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir on January 1st. How I Met, Your Mother’s ending doesn’t mention specific events from 2022. Between 2020 and 2030, HIM YM’s finale reveals a few details. Which How I Met Your Father will hopefully fill in. For How I Met Your Father in 2022, here’s a breakdown of where HIM YM’s characters will be.

Ted And Tracy

Ted and Tracy have been married for two years and have two young children. Luke (5) and Penny (2), in How I Met Your Father (7). Ted is expected to be an architecture professor in 2022, while Tracy’s book on poverty was published in 2021. If How I Met Your Father is renewed for another season in 2024, Tracy may fall ill and die. Ted and Tracy are likely to appear in HIM YM’s spinoff, given that they are both living in New York in 2022.

Marshall And Lily

Marshall and Lily vacated the Apartment. After the finale of How I Met Your Mother in 2016.  Marshall ran for the New York State Supreme Court position in 2020, defeating Brad in the election. Marshall will still be on the Supreme Court of New York in the 2022 timeline of How I Met Your Father because justice appointments are typically for life. Lily was last seen working as an art consultant in Rome in 2016, but her current whereabouts are unknown. Suppose she kept the job after she returned to New York. Regardless, Lily and Marshall will be parents, Marvin.

Barney Stinson

Ellie, Barney Stinson’s daughter, was born in 2020, so in 2022, he’ll be raising his two-year-old child, still working at GNB, and probably cutting back on his womanizing. While many fans believe Barney will make an easy HIM YM cameo, it’s unclear whether he’ll still be dating younger women in the How I Met Your Father universe.

Robin Scherbatsky

Robin was seen at Ted and Tracy’s wedding in 2020, but she became distant – except for her sporadic drinks with Lily – until she and Ted met in 2030. If the characters see Robin’s newscasts on TV in 2022, she could easily connect to How I Met Your Father. Because every character from How I Met Your Mother is likely still in New York City during How I Met Your Father’s timeline, there are a lot of possibilities for character crossover.

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