Here Are 17 Jaw-Dropping TV Plot Twists That We’re Still Not Over

1. First, on Lost, when it was revealed that the bearded version of Jack was actually from the future, and he and Kate had made it off the island.

sub-buzz-3490-1584382723-1.jpg (700×1137)

2. When Eleanor figured out that they were actually in the Bad Place on A Good Place.

sub-buzz-3561-1584387979-7.jpg (700×1185)

3. On Game of Thrones, when we learned that Hodor was uttering, “Hold the door.”

sub-buzz-3372-1584378119-21.jpg (600×1018)

4. On You, when Love shockingly killed Candace, we learned that she also killed Delilah and the au pair.

sub-buzz-3402-1584378643-3.jpg (600×1088)

5. When Meredith learned that “John Doe” was George on Grey’s Anatomy.

sub-buzz-1444-1575301486-1.jpg (600×1026)

6. When Mr. Robot turned out to be a figment of Elliot’s imagination and resembled his father on Mr. Robot.

sub-buzz-9854-1575320702-1.jpg (600×1019)

7. On Dead to Me, when it was revealed that Judy was involved in the accident that killed Jen’s husband.

sub-buzz-3561-1584383623-1.jpg (600×594)

8. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when we learned that Ward was a Hydra agent.

sub-buzz-2290-1575320944-1.png (600×327)

9. When it was revealed that Cal was Dr. Manhattan in disguise on Watchmen.

sub-buzz-3426-1584377615-11.jpg (600×1174)

10. On Sharp Objects, when Camille found the hidden teeth inside the dollhouse.

sub-buzz-3756-1584395322-2.jpg (600×998)

11. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy came home, Joyce died.

sub-buzz-3419-1584377523-18.jpg (600×1004)

12. When Tracy, the Mother, died after she finally met Ted on How I Met Your Mother.

sub-buzz-2031-1575312699-1.png (600×338)

13. On Bones, when Bones and Booth discovered that Zack was working with the cannibalistic serial killer Gormogon.

sub-buzz-3589-1584387998-7.jpg (600×1003)

14. On Breaking Bad, Walt stood by and watched Jane die.

sub-buzz-3545-1584383716-10.png (600×353)

15. When Mando tracked down a new bounty for the Client, it turned out to be a baby Yoda on The Mandalorian.

sub-buzz-2056-1575312774-20.jpg (600×757)

16. On Scandal, when we learned that Rowan from B613 was Olivia’s father.

sub-buzz-1729-1575317000-11.jpg (600×683)

17. On Scrubs, when it was revealed that Ben was dead and Dr. Cox was attending his funeral.

sub-buzz-3419-1584377483-16.jpg (600×904)


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