Here Are 17 TV Show Crossovers That 100% Should’ve Happened

1. Gilmore Girls and The Golden Girls

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“This is the glorious combo we all truly deserved. The entire episode would just be Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia on a vacation to the Dragonfly Inn. Lorelai would find them hilarious and invite them to Luke’s Diner. Imagine Luke’s reaction when Lorelai would waltz into the diner to eat with Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia, who are equally as loud as her. Iconic.”

2. The Good Place and Riverdale

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“I wonder how Betty and the gang would react to Eleanor and the Soul Squad showing up and teaching them all how to be better people. I want to see Chidi try to explain to the Riverdale gang that running around killing people and playing murderous board games is not okay.”

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Jane the Virgin

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“I would love if the 99th precinct had to come in and help solve a murder at the Marbella. Also, the scenes between Jake and Amy and Jane and Raphael would be amazing.”

4. Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries

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“I always thought it would be amazing to see the Winchester boys show up in Mystic Falls. They would have a field day with all the creatures and seeing Dean verbally spar with Damon would be amazing.”

5. Friends and How I Met Your Mother

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“Just imagine all the amazing friend pairings! Barney and Joey hanging at the bar together, Ross and Ted geeking out, and Phoebe and Marshall talking about the Loch Ness monster! And, I seriously think Robin, Lily, Rachel and Monica would be so hilarious as friends!”

6. Parks and Rec and The Office

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“I just really want to see what kind of shenanigans Andy and Michael would get into. Also, Ben and Dwight would totally geek out over Battlestar Galactica.”

7. The Magicians and The Umbrella Academy

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“This crossover would be amazing. Eliot and Klaus would totally end up together and Margot would be wondering what the heck is up with Dolores. Also, Number Five would hands down give some sass to Quentin while they are on a quest.”

8. The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy

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“I always thought it would’ve been awesome if the hospital that Rick Grimes woke up in was actually Seattle Grace. I know the show was set in Atlanta, but this would’ve been awesome.”

9. Shadowhunters and Lucifer

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“I just really want to see Linda’s reaction to knowing the Devil being on Earth is the least of her worries after hearing about Shadowhunters. I also want to see Magnus’s interactions with his ‘cool uncle’ Lucifer. This crossover would be the perfect combo of heart, fun, and of course, demons.”

10. Doctor Who and Sherlock

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“Give me this crossover and I will be one happy woman. I just want to see the Thirteenth Doctor and Sherlock work together to solve a mystery. Seriously, it’s a thing that should be entirely possible and it’d be so entertaining.”

11. Glee and American Horror Story

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“It would have been weird, but I’ve always wanted to see a crossover between these two shows. I mean, AHS has had musical numbers, so it would be really amusing if the Glee kids joined in.”

12. Killing Eve, Doctor Who, and Orphan Black

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“I need to see Villanelle, Missy, and Helena in a scene together. Just imagine the hell they would raise and crazy mind games they could play. Talk about a powerful group of female characters!”

13. Insecure and Girlfriends

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“I feel like this would make for an incredible crossover. Just seeing Issa and Joan swap stories and talk about love and loss would be amazing. They would become really good friends, I have a feeling.”

14. Riverdale and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

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“I’m still waiting for this one to actually happen. Betty and Sabrina teaming up would be incredible. Also, I can just tell that Jughead would be great friends with Susie and Roz. Plus, Ambrose, Cheryl, and Toni would be a powerful group.”

15. Good Girls and Superstore

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“They’re canonically in the same universe, so it just makes sense. Imagine if Beth, Ruby, and Annie went and robbed the Cloud 9 store where Amy, Jonah, and the gang work.”

16. The Mindy Project and Parks and Rec

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“I selfishly just want to see Mindy and Leslie Knope have a lively discussion about friendship, waffles, and pop culture.”

17. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Carmilla

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“Everyone would work so well together fighting evil and trying to save the world together. Plus, seeing Laura meet Buffy would be amazing and on top of that, watching Buffy and the gang learn to trust Carmilla would be next level. Also, a Willow and Tara double date with Laura and Carmilla would be perfection.”


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