Hillay Duff and Robin Scherbatsky make a surprise appearance in the HIMYF finale.

In the season finale of the hit show How I Met Your Father, Cobie Smulders made an appearance that was a little out of place.

In the original How I Met Your Mother, Cobie played Robin Scherbatsky. Duff is in trouble with Kyle MacLachlan, and Cobie comes to her rescue.

Duff, who plays Sophie, meets Robin Scherbatsky at MacLaren’s Pub. She asks her for advice on her love life.

In this case, it’s Josh Radnor, not Josh Radnor. “You don’t know. But it was a good job. “Robin said this when she thought about her time with Ted Mosby.

“Which brings me to my advice: Do what you need to do. You don’t have to be horrified all the time. Fear can make you avoid things that could be good. Even, it was great, “Robin said that. “Things that should be in your story. So, think about what you said. Jesse said everything you wanted a guy to say, but he said it faster than you thought.”

“My life has been very different from Sophie’s. I’ve been married, single, and all kinds of things in between. The only decisions I regret are those made out of fear. This is how it works: Then, do me a favor, OK? Twenty years from now, go back in time and ask future you, “Future me, what do you desire you had done twenty years ago the night you met Robin Scherbatsky?’ Do what you say you’ll do in the future, too, “She also said.

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