HIMYF Producers Want Britney Spears To Return In HIMYM Role

Yesterday, January 18, 2022, aired the first two episodes of the new spinoff of the old sitcom’s ten-episode season. It’s still early because the main characters haven’t been shown yet. Because of this, it hasn’t had the chance to include the celebrity cameos that made HIMYM so popular. Which had Katy Perry, Enrique Iglesias, Joe Manganiello, and many other stars. Leighton Meester made a cameo on Gossip Girl, but as the season goes on, she is more likely to be a recurring character than a cameo. Isaac Aptaker, a co-showrunner for HIMYF, wants Britney Spears to play the same role she did in How I Met Your Mother.

Britney Spears had a small role in the TV show HIMYM. Spears played Abby in the season 3 episodes “Ten Sessions” and “Everything Must Go”.l Ted has often seen Abby, the receptionist at a dermatologist’s office. She eventually works with Barney and acts like she’s going out with him to make Ted jealous.

When we talked to Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker one-on-one. Screen Rant asked them which guest stars from the original series they’d like to see in their new show.

Aptaker said, “Let’s call Britney back,” and then told Spears to “come on by.” He didn’t ask any more questions to avoid giving away some of the cameos in upcoming episodes.

Britney Spears’s guardianship is over, and it’s unclear what she’ll do next. If he’s just now asking Britney to call them. Abby won’t be in the first season of How I Met Your Father. A cameo on HIMYF would be an excellent way for her to get back into acting if she wants to.

How Britney Spears’s character would fit into How I Met Your Father’s plot is unclear. But the show has already found a natural way to refer back to specific things. Such as the address of Marshall and Lily’s apartment in New York. They’ll figure out how to make old fans happy without making the new characters less enjoyable.

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