HIMYF’s Finale Cameo Fixed A Major HIMYM Ending Problem

A cameo by Robin Scherbatsky (Cobie Smulders) in the season 1 finale of How I Met Your Father fixes a big problem with her character from the end of that show. This TV show is known for having one of the most controversial show finales of all time because it ends with the title mother dying and Robin and Ted getting together. Many people didn’t like that HIMYM killed Tracy for Ted and Robin to end up together. Part of the problem was that the original show’s finale had written Robin off as more aloof in the future.

In the finale of HIMYM, there are a lot of flashbacks that show that Robin was very distant from the group after she broke up with Barney in 2016. Even though Lily is the person who is most hurt by this, everyone in the group feels the pain of her leaving. Ted tells Lily that he saw Robin on the street. Lily says that a “genuine Scherbatsky sighting” is about as rare as a Sasquatch sighting is. : Marshall then goes on to say that Sasquatch is a “warm and affectionate creature.” This makes Robin more like a “Yeti,” cold and aloof. As time goes on, it’s thought that Robin doesn’t stay with the group because she has feelings for Ted again, but a cameo by How I Met Your Father shows that she wasn’t as detached as HIMYM’s characters thought.

When Robin stopped hanging out with Lily and the rest of the characters, they were hurt. However, How I Met Your Father shows that Robin was just as sentimental about their time together like everyone else. In 2020, the rest of the group was sad that Robin was going away. In 2022, she often goes to MacLaren’s to reflect on the good old days. Robin told Sophie that every time she’s in the neighborhood, she goes to the old pub and thinks back to all the times she and her friends talked about their love lives in the booth. She’s also interested in Sophie and Jesse’s story because it brings her back to the days when she spent her time with Ted, Lily, Marshall, and Barney.

HIMYM’s ending made it look like Robin didn’t care about this time with the gang. When he talked to Lily, he said, “There’s so much wonderful stuff going on… but the five of us hanging out, being young and stupid in MacLaren’s… isn’t one of those things.” It shows that she was always there and cared, but the rest of the group didn’t know. There was a lot of debate about Robin and Ted getting back together in the finale of HIMYM because people thought she was aloof and didn’t have as much empathy for her character. When How I Met Your Father made a cameo, Robin’s story became more tragic. She returned to MacLaren’s alone in 2022 when the rest of the characters raised their kids, and Robin was alone.

It looked like Robin didn’t like how things turned out in the future, which made it even worse that she stopped hanging out with her best friends–even Lily. How I Met Your Father solves this problem by saying that she didn’t want to stop seeing the characters from HIMYM but just needed some time. In the end, How I Met Your Father makes up for HIMYM’s mistake by making Robin happy to think about the years she spent at MacLaren’s and proving that she enjoys these friendships, even though she did so with Carl in secret. If you fix this problem, How I Met Your Father makes Robin more likable in the future, making HIMYM’s finale better.

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