HIMYM: Barney Isn’t The Perfect Cameo Character in HIMYM?

Although Barney Stinson appears to be the ideal HIMYM character for a cameo on HIMYF. The best crossover is actually an iconic supporting character. How I Met Your Father is a role-reversal spin on the original series’ premise. But the show’s creators have hinted that the shows’ ties will go a little deeper. Given what is already known from the flash-forward segments in How I Met Your Mother’s controversial finale. The original characters will mostly be in New York during the early 2020s. Making it easier to connect the two series.

The fact that the two shows are set in the same universe has led to speculation. That key characters from How I Met Your Mother will appear in the new series. It was widely assumed that Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) would be the easiest. And best original series character to reintroduce following this revelation. Or one of the new male characters could be frequent readers of his blog and/or the infamous Playbook.

While Barney appears to be the most obvious choice. The ideal How I Met Your Father crossover character isn’t in the cast. Instead, Ranjit, the gang’s regular cab/limo driver from the original series. It is the best character to organically connect the two shows. Ranjit was one of the most well-known recurring characters on How I Met Your Mother. Appearing in both the series premiere and finale. Ranjit appeared in over 20 episodes of the show and was present for some of the show’s most memorable moments. Connecting the two shows through the beloved limo driver would feel far more natural, with Ranjit serving as the ideal way for How I Met Your Father to continue the storyline while passing the time.

The characters from How I Met Your Father will cross paths with those from the original series when they are all in their 40s, with stable jobs and children, which means they won’t be riding around in limos as much. The new cast of characters, on the other hand, are in their 20s and 30s and live the same lifestyle as HIMYM’s characters did in the original series’ timeline, so renting a limo and becoming Ranjit’s new riders would make perfect sense. Furthermore, How I Met Your Father would be an excellent way to update Ranjit in the modern world while also contrasting how different city and dating life are for the new characters from the HIMYM timeline.

Although a Barney crossover would be fantastic, Neil Patrick Harris’ appearance on How I Met Your Father risks detracting too much attention from the new cast. Beloved series, and while it will need to connect with the original. It will also need to separate itself from the characters of How I Met Your Mother and stand on its own. The series doesn’t need to bring in the original stars for a cameo. Just like it’s smart that How I Met Your Father isn’t using MacLaren’s Pub as a primary setting.

The new show must establish itself as a continuation of the original. Especially since many of its viewers are likely to be repeat HIMYM viewers. But it must also maintain its own identity; having main characters like Barney pop in and out distracts from investment in the new characters. Ranjit, on the other hand, is a clear and enjoyable link to the original series. That best illustrates the new characters’ takeover. If Ranjit opens the door and cheerfully says his iconic “hello” greeting. He wouldn’t be as distracting to How I Met Your Father as Barney. And would still satisfy How I Met Your Mother fans with an in-universe connection.

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